London burns after third night of rioting....

riots-croydon-620_1967393b(Slightly off topic) -

Parts of London became 'no-go' areas last night as gangs of youths went on the rampage for the third night running, starting fires, looting and attacking police.

The violence that started in Tottenham at the weekend after a man was shot dead by officers spread throughout the capital. "Inexcusable" marauding saw major fires started in Hackney, Peckham, Lewisham, Clapham, Ealing and Croydon, where a man was injured in a shooting. London_Burns

A furniture shop in Croydon which had been in the same family for five generations was completely destroyed after being torched.

A huge blaze at a Sony distribution centre near Enfield, north London sent plumes of thick smoke billowing into the sky.

Scotland Yard said 334 people had been arrested, 69 charged and two cautioned across the capital, as over 1,700 extra police were deployed across London, some from neighbouring forces.

Dawn's Smooth Move

desolatebeauty_stripWhen a NASA spacecraft goes into orbit around a new world for the first time, the control room is usually packed to capacity with scientists, engineers, and dignitaries ready to leap and shout when the retro-rockets fire. It's a big, noisy event.

The 15th July 2011, was one of those days. NASA's Dawn spacecraft approached Vesta and became the first probe from Earth to orbit a main belt asteroid.

Dawn's cameras revealed a desolate world of transcendent beauty, thrilling everyone who worked on the project.Needless to say, the control room was .... silent?

Using its framing camera, Dawn obtained this image of Vesta on 24th July, 2011, from a distance of about 3,200 miles (5,200 kilometers). The three vertically-aligned craters on the left have been nicknamed "the snowman" by camera team members.

What lies inside Jupiter?

juno_medNASA's Juno probe, scheduled to launch on August 5th, could change all that. The goal of the mission is to answer the question, What lies inside Jupiter?

There are many basic things researchers would like to know—like how far down does the Great Red Spot go? How much water does Jupiter hold? And what is the exotic material near the planet's core?

Juno will lift the veil without actually diving through the clouds. Swooping as low as 5000 km above the cloudtops, Juno will spend a full year orbiting nearer to Jupiter than any previous spacecraft. The probe's flight path will cover all latitudes and longitudes, allowing us to fully map Jupiter's gravitational field and thus figure out how the interior is layered.

Jupiter is made primarily of hydrogen, but only the outer layers may be in gaseous form. Deep inside Jupiter, researchers believe, high temperatures and crushing pressures transform the gas into an exotic form of matter known as liquid metallic hydrogen--a liquid form of hydrogen akin to the slippery mercury in an old-fashioned thermometer. Jupiter's powerful magnetic field almost certainly springs from dynamo action inside this vast realm of electrically conducting fluid.

Unlike Earth, which lights up in response to solar activity, Jupiter makes its own auroras. The power source is the giant planet's own rotation. Although Jupiter is ten times wider than Earth, it manages to spin around 2.5 times as fast as our little planet.       Click the image below for you tube clip.....

'VK4NM' From Fraser Island OC-142 VKFF-216 this weekend......

VK4NMMAINAndrew and his colleagues will be qrv from Fraser Island IOTA OC-142 this coming weekend.

The Island is also valid for WFF with the reference 'VKFF-216 Great Sandy''.
Fraser Island is also named the ''Great Sandy National Park''.

They will be using the Callsign 'VK4NM' and will be operating as part of the RSGB IOTA Contest.

Please give Andrew and his team your support and maybe also try to bag yourself a new IOTA at the same time!

Qsl is Via MØOXO

GBØWSD Cards issued......

Cards for GBØWSD were received this weekend and are all now processed.

GBØWSD is operated by Scouts from the Wakefield Scout District who are tutored, supervised and assisted by members of the Wakefield & District Radio Society.

All Direct and Bureau Cards have been completed and will be mailed this week.

GB0HI, GB1HI & GB2HI Qsl Cards issued.....

Qsl Cards for the following operations were received from the printer at UX5UO Qsl Print on Friday;

GBØHI Holy Island

GB2HI Hilbre Island (MØTNX et al)
GB1HI Holy Island  (MØOXO et al)

All the Direct and Paypal requested Cards have been prepared over the weekend and will be mailed
this week. GB1HI_2The next job is the OQRS requested cards for the RSGB Bureau. Again these will be processed
this week ready for a large bureau drop on the second week in August.

Thanks to Gennady UX5UO again for the excellent service and to all of you who supported and worked
us on the trips.

Don't forget IOTA this weekend!!!!

G3TXQ Hexbeam (by MW0JZE) debut at Holy Island.......

IMG00267-20110715-2125The G3TXQ Hexbeam ( by MW0JZE ) is making its debut at Holy Island of Lindisfarne this weekend by the Wakefield & District Radio Society (WDRS). It's their new Club antenna and they are trialing it this weekend on their annual jaunt to IOTA EU-120 WFF GFF-172).

The Hexbeam is at about 20 feet from the ground and is being used alongside the Cushcraft A4S which is on the neighbouring tower at 50 feet both rotatable from their mobile shack, all seen in the foto above.

The weather yesterday was great on arrival and it almost allowed us to get set up outside before we had to take cover for some showers. Heavy rain arrived around 2100utc and then this morning at 5am, we had a few hours of showers before torrential rain arrived at 10am which looks like its here for the duration hi.

Its early days to say how they compare but for sure its a very very close race. On rx the antennas are well matched but without doubt the Hexbeam has far less noise than the Cushcraft does. With 7 hours of operating yesterday (Friday) and up to 11am Saturday morning the guys logged 750 stations mainly on SSB but also some on PSK-31.

I will post more as I am available to but if you would like further info please see this link for past visits to Holy Island here;

NASA Spacecraft To Enter Large Asteroid's Orbit.....

image_fullOn 15th July, NASA's ion-propelled Dawn probe will become the first spacecraft to enter orbit around a main-belt asteroid.

Dawn will orbit Vesta for one Earth-year, studying the giant space rock at close range to help scientists understand the earliest chapter of our solar system's history.:

NASA's Dawn spacecraft obtained this image of the giant asteroid Vesta with its framing camera on 9th July 2011. It was taken from a distance of about 26,000 miles (41,000 kilometers) away from Vesta, which is also considered a protoplanet because it is a large body that almost became a planet. Each pixel in the image corresponds to roughly 2.4 miles (3.8 kilometers)

GFF welcomes OM0WFF...........

OM0WFFI was pleased to hear from Viliam OM0AAO to inform us that he has now been issued with the special callsign 'OM0WFF' for use when operating for WFF.

Viliam is a member of the StrumbleHead DX Group (SHDXG) and has made several trips to the UK for contests with our group. His home of course is in Slovakia and he is fortunate to live in a beautiful National Park.

osady-9OMFF-008 "Tatransky Narodny Park (TANAP)" is the oldest Slovak National Park. TANAP is covering surface 1 045km2 surface including the highest peak of Slovakia called Gerlach, 2 655m asl. (more info on Qrz.Com) Click image to right for more Photographs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

All his friends in the SHDXG wish Viliam good luck with his WFF activities and lets hope the chasers give OMFF a good welcome on the bands.once he is qrv!

Holy Island EU-120 GFF-172.....this weekend.....

HolydeAirPlease listen for me as ''GB1HI'' from next Friday 15th July until Monday 18th July. It will be the yearly pilgrimage to Holy Island in Northumbria by the Wakefield & District Amateur Radio Society.

It is more of a Club event rather than IOTA/WFF activation but nevertheless we hope to work as many of you as possible. I am hoping we can be on air from Friday evening until Monday morning.

We will be taking the G3TXQ Hexbeam (by MW0JZE) and also the Cushcraft A4S which we hope to compare if circumstances allow us. For the lower bands we will use a Carolina Windom 160 which has always worked excellent at the locations in previous years.

If you are available next weekend please give us a call. Its not a rare Island whatsoever and probably everyone of you has worked in in the past but to get regulars in the log each year is very pleasing so listen out for us please.

Qsl is via MØOXO.

Need a new Amateur Radio Map for your Shack?..........

WebMapThis is an exciting and relatively new company to Amateur radio who have been trading since 2009.

They produce high quality maps of many sizes and are just getting a good foothold into the market
an area which has been lacking for some time.

The maps can be printed on various media from foto quality silk paper to foamex board.

They are probably the
best Amateur Radio Maps I have seen in years and are a welcome addition to any Shack who's owner only wants the best!

Have a look on the link above (click Map) and see what you think.

IARU Contest - W-HQ-S Award....

whqs_2011_malyWell the IARU Contest takes place this weekend with many countries having their 'best operators' active using their National Society Special Callsigns. The RSGB are active using 'GR2HQ' (see image below) and will be working on all HF Bands hoping to secure a good score in the event.

As well as the 'GR2HQ Award' being available, the W-HQ-S Award is also available and both are for working various different HQ Stations as possible on different bands/modes.gr2hq

The rules for both Awards can be found by clicking here.

Qsl Cards for 'GR2HQ' are available via MØOXO. Have a good weekend and good hunting!

See below for the rules of the two Awards and how to apply!

Read more: IARU Contest - W-HQ-S Award....

MC0SHL Qsl Cards being printed.......

K1024_QSL-MC0SHL-2Thanks to Tim MØURX (Qsl Manager) for the work he has done on the new MCØSHL Qsl Cards for Ramsey Island 2011.

Cards are being printed, please use MØURX OQRS system if you would like to received a card.
Please do not request a card if you don't need it (think about the 'Green' issues!) or if you have already sent for one via the bureau.


Please do not request a card if you don't need it (think about the 'Green' issues!) or if you have already sent for one via the bureau.

(tnx Janet Baxter for main qsl card image)

WFF Awards in the mail........

After a short delay due to the trip to Ramsey Island, I am now back on top of Qsl Card and WFF Award issuing.

This week alone I have prepared and am ready to mail 54 various award certificates from GFF.

Thanks for all the support and requests and once more, please accept my apologies for the slight delay.


Rare IOTA's confirmed......

K800_IMG_0002Thanks to Cezar VE3LYC for the latest Qsl cards that arrived from his trip to the two very rare IOTA's last year;

Gonzalo Island, IOTA SA-097 and

Herschel Island, IOTA SA-041 both very rarely activated and therefore new for my collection.

The Diego Ramírez Islands are a small group of lesser islands located in the southernmost extreme of Chile about 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Cape Horn and 93 km (58 mi) Sse of Ildefonso Islands, stretching 8 km (5 mi) north-south. The Chilean Navy established a meteorological station above Caleta Condell, a small cove on the northeast side of Isla Gonzalo (Gonzalo Island), in 1957 and resupply it several times each year.

These two new ones bring MØOXO to #506 IOTA.

Ramsey Island IOTA EU-124, World Flora Fauna GWFF-072 - 2011 Story....

Ramsey Island 2Ø11; Trials & Tribulations

The Strumble Head team met at the Club House on Tuesday giving us time to test, prepare and pack the items needed for this year. As before, we always try to be more efficient and to take only the essential items to the island but also with consideration that we may have to stay longer than anticipated should the weather turn poor.
Sea and weather conditions were forecast to be very poor for the crossing on the Thursday morning but what a surprise to awake at 04:45 to see a beautiful morning on the Pembrokeshire Coast. The vehicles were loaded and we arrived at the Lifeboat Slipway around 07:30 where shortly afterwards the ‘Thousand Island Boat Charters’ arrived and we were on the Island by 08:00, amazing. (Click here for You Tube video of the boat crossing).
After heaving all the gear to the top of the ‘harbour’ we then had the massive climb to the top of the Island where we bunk in a Barn (complete with broody Chickens!). Carrying 2 x Acom 1000 Amplifiers, 2 x FT1000MPs and worst of all the Kenwood TL922 to the accommodation is always a huge challenge. Fortunately the RSPB Warden and his wife (Greg & Lisa) are very accommodating and helped us up the hill with the Quad and trailer for which we are always very grateful.

We got off to a good start and as always, no one sets their stations up until all antennas are fully up and we work together to achieve this. K1024_DSC_1625The 2 x G3TXQ Hexbeams (built by Ant MW0JZE) were the first up and then we worked on the Windom for 40 and 80M. Everything ran as a well oiled machine and shortly after lunch, all three antennas were up and we moved inside to set up the stations.

Around 15:30 local we had all three stations on air and were qrv from ‘IOTA EU-124 Ramsey Island’. Chris G1VDP started the Digi station on the Windom working 30M, Ant MW0JZE started up on 20 SSB and Tim M0URX worked 15m SSB. Pile ups were pretty fast, the World Flora Fauna reference helping to boost them as well ;-) .
Almost immediately the station used by Chris suffered a major problem when lights on the FT1000MP flashed and the dedicated PSU and TL922 also shutting down. K1024_SNV34697Then worse to come was that dreaded smell – something was on fire. A subsequent check showed a hole on a transistor within the PSU and sadly totally  n-repairable for here at least. We were now down to two stations.

We worked very well and most stations had solid pile ups until late in the evening. Conditions weren’t brilliant and most of the traffic was from EU with Yuri A65CA from Asia and a few stations from North America. Tim had a good run into SA and also the Caribbean but again, conditions definitely down. We had over  1000 in the log and with the two stations we were happy at that.

The next morning we all woke early after a terrible storm kept most of us awake during the night and we got started. We worked early on 40M SSB and then 20M SSB using both Acoms and running 300/400 watts. Rob MW0RLJ and Charles M0OXO decided to take a boat to the mainland to take the faulty equipment back and to collect a spare rig to replace it. The guys continued to work well and on their return the qso count was 2500.

K1024_SNV34730It became very obvious that conditions were giving us some Sporadic E propagation so they started pushing the higher bands (17, 12, 10 & 6) to give the Island IOTA to as many that required it. We had an amazing time, many stations commenting on how pleased they were to get EU-124 onto the new bands and in particular many ‘G’s that needed it as a new DXCC Band slot. Ant had been slogging away on 6M for a long time with a huge pile up and handed the Mic to Charles to continue. 6M continued to be very good and in total we finished with well over 396 qso's & 29 Countries on one run on 6m, the better one maybe CN in Morrocco? Before we left we set ourselves  a target of 4000q’s for the whole trip and by midnight we closed on 4035 q’s, amazing and very pleased but that was to be short lived.

Charles got up the following morning (Day3) to find a problem. We had Voltage issues and it seemed the current was poor and not enough Ampage to run even the radio. We traced the problem to not  just one but both our generators had gone down, who would believe that? K1024_SNV34712The black cloud descended over us and we spiralled into depression. We worked several theories for several hours and eventually decided to run the spare ‘Robin’ generator only and to run 100w only. We never gave up the fight and tried many theories were explored over a pot of Porridge (thanks Jane!) and we came up with a plan! Greg (RSPB Warden) kindly offered to allow us yet another Generator which could give us 6Kva so the mood lightened and again, we weighed up our options over a chat until 0930………

Time moved on and by 1130 we were on air again. Conditions were ok and by 1.00pm we were running well as we approached 1300 and the beginning of the World Flora Fauna’ GreenDay’ event, We used all bands from 40m thro 10m and as we were using 12 & 17m, we were not in a ‘contest’ but just an ‘event’! All continued OK with runs predominantly into EU but with the odd DX station thrown in the mix. When 1500 came the bands just died with barely a trace of anyone on 20 thro 10m. In a few hours this eased and we pushed on on 20m, 17 and 40M. 40M was running very well with Chris on the Mic running 100w from the FT890 but only 20 and 17 really had any decent propagation to EU. As the evening moved along we had another good run with many JA stations on 20M and a few down into OC with VK. We closed at 0030, filled the generator and after a few hours stargazing we slept………but not well!

K1024_SNV34817We were kept awake most of the night with the predicted ‘bad weather’. Sadly it was worse than expected. Torrential rain was hammering at the windows of the barn and roof and the wind was tremendous. First light at 0400 saw 2 x Hexbeams both leaning to the side and getting buffeted by the very strong wind. There was little we could do, they were unusable in that state so after a chat (again over a bowl of porridge) we decided they needed to be taken down to prevent damage. We all donned out wet weather gear and got stuck in. Taking them down took 15 minutes for each Hexbeam with us all working on the same antenna at the same time before moving on to the other. It initially appeared that the fault was either the rotators not being up to the strain of the wind or the strain on the stub mast and clamps were too weak. Another thought for another day but they were all down and we left the Windom in place. K1024_SNV34823We spent the remainder of the morning inside the barn, we dismantled all the equipment and packed it away just leaving the Elekraft K3 and the Windom to use later in the afternoon with a view to making the few required qso’s which would give us 6000 contacts.

The afternoon was poor but we worked through trying our best but pretty soon we ran out of time. We had the now (now traditional) 'Party' looming with invited guests joining us for supper and a few drinks. By the time 7pm came we had 11 people for supper including Greg & Lisa, Nia,Mike & Nicola. We must not forget the now famous Border Collie 'Dewi', now a celebrity after his debut on the BBC's 'Countryfile'! After a lovely meal provided by Jane, we all had a few drinks (some more than others!) and spirits ;-) were high. Some of us were in a bit of a tacking by 0030, and with an empty bottle of Famous Grouse, one of Romiel and several bottles of red wine, we turned in for the night. At that point it seemed extremely unlikely that we would wake in 6 hours feeling well but Charles did and fired up the generator for a quick blast. Another 60 stations were logged on 40m which brought us to a final total of 6024 q's and the end of the 2011 trip. K1024_DSC_1846We got the gear down to the slip and from that point it took us 50 minutes to load the boat, do the crossing, unload at the Lifeboat Slip, carry the gear up to St. Justinians and to load the Van for the trip back to the farm.

CLICK HERE to take a You Tube tour around Ramsey Island

(Stats of this years trip can be found if you scroll down below this entry)

It just leaves me with a few thoughts and thanks for the help we received this Year. Greg & Lisa Morgan (RSPB Wardens) were once again invaluable in help, planning, advice and in allowing us on the Island, two people who's performance, committment and drive is outstanding and a major asset to the RSPB. 'Thousand Island Expeditions' once more gave their personal service to us and were extremely kind, a service recommended by us. Mike Chant and his crew aboard the 'Gower Ranger' also pulled out the stops with their prompt and personal service. Good luck to Nia Stephens (Assistant RSPB Warden) in her future career and not forgetting Mike and Nicola who give their time as RSPB volunteers. Finally a big thanks to all of you that worked us whilst on Ramsey Island. We were very pleased to give so many of you the new Band Slots, IOTA and WFF areas. I guess almost all stations on 6 meters would have been very pleased to get IO71hu in their logs so a good job all round. Some stations worked us on 7 band slots and many more with 6 contacts which was remarkable. Of course we wouldn't be without the odd negative comments either. Some made good points and others were well, just pathetic but all in all, a great trip to Ramsey in 2011.

Thanks to everyone from the Strumblehead DX Group; Rob MW0RLJ, Charles M0OXO, Tim M0URX, Chris G1VDP, Ant MW0JZE and of course Jane (our Support Staff ;-) ) who kept us fed with over 120 meals, doing this with 2 small gas rings on a Baby Belling stove and little facilities was a great & welcomed achievement!

Photos of the 2011 trip to be added to Gallery in next few days

**One thing we did learn was that ''two Acoms are better than one''....(well to fry breakfast on at least!!!)


73 de Charles.

STATS for this event....................

QSO's per Band

6m - 396

10m - 534

12m - 322

15m - 540

17m -1058

20m - 2441

30m - 1

40m - 749

TOTAL 6040 Qso's

DXCC's per Band

6m - 29

10m - 38

12m - 39

15m - 46

17m - 64

20m - 87

30m - 1

40m - 48


MC0SHL Run 'Rates'

2011-06-09 1419 - 1438Z,   14260 kHz, 49 Qs, 155.4/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-09 1507 - 1511Z,   14260 kHz, 11 Qs, 163.6/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-09 1550 - 1553Z,   14260 kHz, 11 Qs, 173.7/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-09 1843 - 1901Z,   14260 kHz, 31 Qs, 101.2/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-09 2146 - 2159Z,   14260 kHz, 14 Qs, 60.4/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-09 2218 - 0516Z,   14260 kHz, 99 Qs, 14.2/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 0527 - 0602Z,   14260 kHz, 33 Qs, 56.8/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 0621 - 0627Z,   14260 kHz, 11 Qs, 109.4/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 0631 - 0756Z,   14260 kHz, 160 Qs, 114.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 0815 - 0819Z,   18144 kHz, 13 Qs, 167.7/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 0949 - 0953Z,   18144 kHz, 14 Qs, 201.6/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1013 - 1042Z,   24944 kHz, 59 Qs, 122.3/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1108 - 1111Z,   28520 kHz, 13 Qs, 201.7/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1123 - 1128Z,   28520 kHz, 16 Qs, 177.8/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1305 - 1317Z,   50132 kHz, 24 Qs, 121.5/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1328 - 1335Z,   21244 kHz, 17 Qs, 147.8/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1338 - 1344Z,   18155 kHz, 13 Qs, 146.7/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1435 - 1501Z,   14260 kHz, 51 Qs, 121.1/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1518 - 1547Z,   14260 kHz, 67 Qs, 137.7/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1642 - 1652Z,   21270 kHz, 22 Qs, 128.2/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1719 - 1723Z,   24944 kHz, 11 Qs, 176.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1741 - 1750Z,   24950 kHz, 12 Qs, 87.6/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1756 - 1801Z,   50131 kHz, 15 Qs, 173.6/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 1859 - 1904Z,   50131 kHz, 14 Qs, 175.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 2040 - 2045Z,   14260 kHz, 11 Qs, 127.3/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 2143 - 2150Z,    7144 kHz, 13 Qs, 113.3/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-10 2222 - 2303Z,   14247 kHz, 40 Qs, 58.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 1017 - 1030Z,   28448 kHz, 27 Qs, 117.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 1131 - 1135Z,   18148 kHz, 11 Qs, 160.3/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 1415 - 1437Z,    7176 kHz, 16 Qs, 44.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 1711 - 1717Z,   14287 kHz, 16 Qs, 153.6/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 1718 - 1723Z,   14287 kHz, 11 Qs, 138.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 1814 - 1822Z,   14287 kHz, 11 Qs, 86.3/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 2033 - 2046Z,   18151 kHz, 11 Qs, 52.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-11 2101 - 2136Z,    7178 kHz, 47 Qs, 80.2/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-12 1438 - 1447Z,   14248 kHz, 17 Qs, 123.1/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-12 1503 - 1551Z,    7185 kHz, 50 Qs, 63.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-12 1606 - 1651Z,    7148 kHz, 49 Qs, 66.0/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-12 1709 - 1732Z,    7144 kHz, 23 Qs, 60.6/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-12 1753 - 1812Z,   14240 kHz, 34 Qs, 104.8/hr MC0SHL

2011-06-13 0552Z - 06:20,    7175 kHz, 33 Qs, 71.0/hr

MØOXO...closed until 14th June.........see below...

140._The_teamQsl Managing at MØOXO is now on hold for several days as I will be away at Ramsey Island, Wales with the Strumble Head DX & Contest Group.

The trip will take place from 07th June until 13th June 2011. We will also take part in the WFF GreenDay event from GWFF-072 (also IOTA EU-124).

Please continue to send Qsl Cards as normal and they will be dealt with within 24hours of my return.

If you have any questions. I will have internet access and should be ok to reply but it will be sporadic as Sheep Sheering on the Island are a priority for the Generators this month ;-)

RAMSEY - Update;

Almost 24 hours in and we have 2500 q's logged using two stations. The third Station (FT1K) which should have run 30/40/80M Digimode has had to be removed as the dedicated Yaesu Power Supply failed. A large hole blew in the side of a transistor. It is hoped we will have a third station running again later today although it will most likely be a 100w station with no Digimode facility. May apologies to the Digi chasers and the EPSK Club who would have liked the rare area :-(
Weather has been OK although a massive hail storm pushed through last night and was pretty terrifying. For the first time I really got the idea of how it must be to be in a Tornado. Everything survived the storm so we were extremely lucky (or not as the case maybe!). More updates later......

ZS8M Marion Island cards arrive....

Thanks to Pierre ZS8M for the latest confirmations that arrived in the mail this weekend.

I was pleased to see that all contacts were confirmed despite a few months of worry!

For a long while after he went QRT from Marion Island, the on-line log failed to shown my 10M qso. I am pleased to say that all is now rectified - Phew!

VP8ORK - Qsl Cards received....

Qsl Cards dropped through the mail yesterday for several of the stations I manage (MWØRLJ, MØBZH & MØOXO) from the VP8ORK team

who activated South Shetland Islands back in January.

It was a nice and much appreciated new one bring MØOXO to 303 DXCC (SSB) and 214 DXCC (CW).

Planets align in May....

Something is happening this month which will help you to open your eyes in the morning, even better than coffee -

Four bright planets
are aligning in the morning sky.

Look out any east-facing window about a half hour before sunrise. If you have a clear view of the horizon, you'll see Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter clustered together in a patch of sky less than 10o wide. If you wanted to, you could hide them all behind your outstretched hand—but don't. The view is too good hi!

May 11th is just the beginning. Throughout the month, the quartet of worlds will rearrange themselves on a daily basis, forming different shapes in the pre-dawn sky.

Keep an eye on Venus
in particular. As the sun rises and the sky fills with morning blue, the 'Goddess of Love' does not fade away. You can actually see Venus in broad daylight if you know where to look.

On May 20th, a new triangle will appear. This time the vertices are Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Observing tip: Mars is not as bright as the others. Binoculars may be required to help you find and fully appreciate the red planet in morning twilight.

The show comes to an end on May 30th when an exquisite crescent Moon joins the four planets for a Grand Finale--five heavenly lights dotting the eastern sky all at once.

What a way to begin the day!!!!

**Dont rush the NASA video (click above image), if you think it has stopped just give it a few seconds and it will continue.

Sun displays a Plasma 'Jump'...

jump_stripSolar activity is low, but it's not zero. Just look at what happened yesterday.

On May 20th, an enormous filament of hot plasma and magnetism reared up from the edge of the sun and .... (click on the image) jumped!

The magnificent leap spanned more than 200,000 km of fiery starscape.

This is the sort of thing that happens routinely when a 1027ton nuclear explosion (a star) is "quiet."

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