The G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam Kit……. by Ant MW0JZE


The G3TXQ Broadband Hexagonal Beam

(above image at M0OXO QTH)







….all now in production.

What is a MW0JZE – G3TXQ Hexbeam?


A G3TXQ Hexbeam is a full size 2 element Yagi beam with bent wire elements. From above the driven element resembles the shape of a letter M and the reflector resembles the shape of a letter  U. The Hexbeam can come in mono band or multi band versions with little or no loss of performance in any configuration. Each band acts as a monoband 2 element yagi with no coils or traps, so no loss. The whole antenna is fed with one 50ohm feedline and will require some sort of 1:1 balun/choke as close to the feedpoint as physically possible, this is normally 20m and is close to the top of the centrepost.



If you have a small area and want a monoband performance antenna then the Hexbeam will suit your needs.  At only 6.5 meters across it will fit inside most gardens. The turning radius is only 3.25 meters. Compare this to a 20m yagi with a span of 10.75 meters and a turning radius of 5.75 meters.



From the base of the antenna to the tip of the centre post the whole antenna is 107cm tall, this accommodates all 6 bands from 6M to 20M. As shown in the image below, 6m is the lowest band and all other bands are stacked above it.


How does the G3TXQ Hexbeam compare with other 2 element multi-band non trapped antennas? There are not many popular multi-band antennas available that are not trapped or that include the WARC bands. The first two that came to mind were the 2 element StepIR, this is a pure yagi antenna with straight elements and no traps mounted on a single boom. The second is the Optibeam OBW 10-5-10 which is more of a Moxon configuration with 2 elements for each band, wire elements and no traps. It does however use 2+ elements for 12m and 10m, not sure what this means but I guess it uses more than 2 elements on these bands in a parasitic format. I think the two comparison antennas are fair comparisons as the StepIR is a pure 2 Element Yagi, the Optibeam OBW10-5-10 is a wire antenna and the Hexbeam is a good mix of both.
Forward Gain Comparison Chart in DBd + 2.15 for DBi
Band 2 Element StepIR OptiBeam OBW10 5 10 6 Band G3TXQ HexBeam
20 4.45 4.2 3.8
17 4.45 4.2 3.2
15 4.35 4.2 3.5
12 4.25 4.4 3.6
10 4.06 4.8 3.6
6 2.85 NA 2.7
Cost £1000+ £1000+ £450

Front To Back Comparison Chart in DB


Band 2 Element StepIR OptiBeam OBW10 5 10 6 Band G3TXQ HexBeam
20 21 22 22
17 16 17 19
15 13 15 16
12 11 15 13
10 9 20 16
6 2 NA 11
 Cost  £1000+  £1000+  £450
Size and Weight Comparison Chart 
 Antenna  Weight  Turning Radius
 2 Element StepIR 13.6KG  5.53M
 OptiBeam OBW10 5 10 14KG   4.3M
 6 Band G3TXQ HexBeam 9.5KG  3.25M



(above – MW0JZE’s build at M0OXO QTH)



SWR & GAIN figures


SWR measured on a MiniVNA with Hexbeam @12m above ground

SWR is under 2:1 on all bands first RED line is 1:5


20 Metres 14.00 to 14.350 



17 Metres 18.068 to 18.168



15 Metres 21.00 to 21.450



12 Metres 24.890 to 24.990



10 Metres 28.000 to 29.700



6 Metres 50.000 to 52.000


I have kept the resonant frequency slightly high to compensate for the shift in frequency caused by rain fall. This also helps keep the SWR low well into the CW and Data portion of the bands.


Forward Gain and Front/Back Figures Modeled @ 6m above ground courtesy of Steve G3TXQ

Band Forward Gain DBd + 2.15 for DBi Front to Back DBd
20 3.8 22
17 3.2 19
15 3.5 16
12 3.6 13
10 3.6 16
6 2.7 11

For more in-depth info you can visit Steve G3TXQ the broadband Hexbeam inventors website by clicking here




This is a list of countries that I have supplied Hexbeams to or have orders pending. Most are resident to that country while some have been supplied as part of a DX-pedition.


england England  malyasia Malaysia eire Eire wales Wales
austria Austria france France scotland Scotland poland Poland
italy Italy holland Holland switz Switzerland estonia Estonia
the-congo Congo rep-congo Rep Congo portugal Portugal greece Greece
angola Angola spain Spain belgium Belgium  czech Czech
germany Germany norway Jan Mayern n-Ireland N Ireland iceland Iceland
finland Finland eq-guinea Eq Guinea macao Macau australia Australia
timor Timor Flag of Japan.svg Japan Flag of the United States.svg USA Flag of Norway.svg Norway
Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden 600px-Flag of Guadeloupe local.svg Guadeloupe Flag of New Zealand.svg N Zealand
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovak Rep Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Flag of Israel.svg Israel





Thanks, Ant……..

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