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Biak Island OC-147 confirmed…

K1024 img013

New card in this morning…..

YB4IR/9 Biak Island OC-147. Thanks for the new ones Imam, great service as always!

     K1024 img014


IOTA EU-103 confirmed…

K1024 img012

Thanks to dave EI9FBB for the fast dispatch of cards from his latest trip.

I was pleased to receive this new one today from EJ9FBB activation of Little Saltee Island, Ireland IOTA EU-103.

Thanks Dave for the new one!






9H5G, C6ATS Qsl route change



Please note that from immediate effect the Qsl route for C6ATS, 9H5G & KK4OYJ has changed from Buzz NI5DX to Charles M0OXO.

9H5G is the usual Callsign for John when at home in Malta but C6ATS is frequently used on IOTA activations of NA-001, NA-048, NA-054 & NA-113 when John is in the Bahamas.

M0OXO OQRS is now open for the above callsigns but please note, Direct routes via Post Mail & OQRS are welcome however, Bureau cards must ONLY be requested via OQRS, incoming bureau cards are not required and will not be received


PX8I SA-060 confirmation

K1024 img010

PX8I confirmation Qsl Card arrived today for a qso back in July 2014.

Location was Itarana Island, Brazil, IOTA SA-060 (Para State East Group).


Thanks to the team…..







I was pleased to receive this Certificate today.

Its been a while since I ventured into the Contest mode but happy to be back 😉










DV1UD/P OC-093 / P40FY SA-036


DV1UD/P (OC-093) and P40FY/P40FN (SA-036) Qsl Card will hit the mail Friday 3rd July 2015.

Thanks,  Charles



Arching Eruption


Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught this vision of an arching eruption on the side of the sun on the 18th June 2015.

The imagery is shown in the wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light which highlights material in the low parts of the sun’s atmosphere and is typically colorised in red.

This clip covers about four hours of the event. Click the image to see the movie.