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ZM90DX now QRT

2013-11-25 121003

ZM90DX are now QRT.

The event, celebrating 90 years of the first radio communication between New Zealand and the United Kingdom was a huge succes so thanks to both the Ham community and operators for their support. Over 70,000 QSO’s have been logged over the last 12 months.

Qsl Cards are printed and the fastest way to receive any Qsl Card I manage is to request them via M0OXO OQRS.

Bureau cards are NOT required so please DO NOT send your cards through the bureau.

EP6T – Iran


This expedition stands for “ friendship and cultural tolerance. In a country with 80 million inhabitants and only 13 (!) radio amateurs, the user manual written and edited by Tony ON6TM will be a guide for students to learn the basics for their Ham radio ticket.Dr. Fard has confirmed his support towards amateur radio in Iran and is planning assessments at various locations across the nation.  Since our last meeting in Tehran, already 300 candidates have announced their participation for these exams! The Rockall DX group has been granted permission to welcome the radio amateurs from Iran at the expedition location.  Some of them will be right next our side to learn the skills about pile-up handling and get some insight in station managing.Mohammad EP3MIR will be our guide and will also assist with local negotiations. Our pilot stations Bjorn ON9CFG and Floyd N5FG will work together with Theo ON4ATW and provide us with the necessary feedback. In the meantime we have our website up and running !

Feel free to visit us at to meet our team and view our plans. Be sure not to forget to fill in our poll and leave a message @ the guestbook !  Or follow us on twitter RockallDX or like us on Facebook Rockall DX Group

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