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Heartbreak for our Russian friends at RD3A site


Well could this happen to any of us? We moan about the odd cable that breaks or maybe as in my case a fiberglass pole but what happened here is a disaster. All this from Freezing Rain this Winter @ RD3A.

From 4L5A:
”Folks, don’t take it as a total disaster. Yes the two big antenna, 3 element 80m and a stack of two 4 element 40m, built by RW1AC are completely destroyed. Stack of 3  MAGNUM 620 by “Force 12” is in bad shape too. ALL wire antennas – 80m Delta, ALL beverages, 160m Inv Vee are down.    The main calibre weapons built by UA9BA are in tact though. 

Rotating 160m dipole (70m long), 4 over 4 80m yagis, a stack of 3 5 element 40m yagis on 84m high free standing tower. A stack of 4 7 element 20m yagis (23m long booms) on another 82 m high free standing tower.  RD3A_20m_yagi_antennas15 and 10m 8 element yagi stacks on 45m high free standing tower. Multi bander (40,20,15,10) with 2 full size 40m elements.

All that is still up and running. In the mean time the ice storm was so bad in the RD3A’s neighbourhood that a 40000 people town of Troitsk is still freezing without electricity for over two days now.”
These guys are the best at building antenna farms and I am sure they will deal with it head on but boy, to see that when you looked out of your window first thing in the morning.

Lets hope we hear the RD3A Contest station up and on the air again soon, GL guys!