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Vine Antennas


Vine Antennas pride themselves on selling ONLY High Class radio products from a wide range of suppliers.

In late 1994, Ron, GW3YDX, (an active DX and contest operator) set up Vine Antenna Products, mainly to source antennas which were not available on the UK market, and to counter the very limited choice available to the UK amateur at that time.

Since then, the product range has expanded to include valve amplifiers from Alpha Power (Formerly ETO) and ACOM Ltd, VHF transistor amplifiers from T E Systems in California, rotators from several manufacturers, and the excellent crystal and mechanical filters from INRAD.

They have very recently taken another step forward, and started selling transceivers from TenTec. They are now UK and Eire main agents for several of the main USA antenna manufacturers such as Tennadyne, Force 12, M-squared, GAP Antennas, and SteppIR. Vine Antennas are also now the main UK retail outlet for Optibeam and the excellent Versatower range as well as being able to supply Tennamast masts. They now also produce their own range of VHF yagis for 6 and 4m, too.


Vine Antennas have a simple rule when selecting products – “NO RUBBISH”, even if it would produce a whopping margin.



”You get what you pay for”

Ron Stone GW3YDX