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VK5MAV/6 OC-243 confirmed..

BS front-sample

Arriving in the mail yesterday was this card from Andrey VK5MAV/6.

This activation took place back in February from the rare Breaksea Island (IOTA OC-243) which is located in King George Sound in the Great Southern region of Western Australia is 12 kilometres south-east of Albany.

Thanks to Andrey and Craig VK5CE for the new one !






A25UK – Botswana 2016

a25uk logo


A team consisting G0VJG, G4FAL, M0TGV, G4DLD and GM0WED will be active from the Tuli Block, Botswana as A25UK between April 13-18, 2016.

QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB/RTTY using beams, verticals and 4SQ. Click here or the Logo to visit their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @A25UK

Logs uploaded daily to Club Log. QSL via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail.

Please DO NOT send your Qsl Cards via the Bureau – They are NOT required



A91 Low res


A91HI QSL’s are available via Club Log OQRS (See below)



If you don’t have PayPal please send $2.00USD and return envelope by Direct Mail to:

Charles Wilmott M0OXO
60 Church Hill
Royston, BARNSLEY,
South Yorkshire

We are hopeful of a good internet connection on the Island and if this is the case, the logs will be uploaded at least every day.

You may contact M0OXO, if you believe your QSO to be missing or call is busted.



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S79C Team activities…


Today DX World reported that almost 80k QSOs have been done by the FT4JA Team on Juan De Nova.

FT4JA also includes members from the recent S79C operation to AF-119 & the forthcoming activation of AS-202NEW.

S79C team members have been active from ZL9A, TX7EU, FT4JA and soon A91HI.

S79C team have new plans for later this year.

Stay tuned!










K1024 A91 High res

In just 3 weeks from now, the A91HI DXpedition team will assemble in Al Dar, Bahrain to prepare for their departure to Hawar Island AS-202 NEW. Since our last update, the team have been rather busy. All equipment has been shipped and has already arrived safely in Bahrain. Everything is good to go with all necessary clearances, permits and licenses now in hand.

Please give a big welcome to Charles M0OXO as our QSL manager. As we will now have internet on the island, Charles plans to upload each day to Club Log. This will help to minimise any dupes.

We will be QRV with up to 5 stations at any one time. A comprehensive range of VDAs, verticals and SP7IDX technology Hexbeam antennas will be used to ensure good signals into all geographical areas of the world. We aim to work as many unique stations as possible to give out this brand new IOTA, therefore we will only operate from 40m through 10m; CW, SSB and Digital.

New photos have been added to our website which is being updated regularly. Please consider making a small donation to help offset the team’s growing expenses and remember, we are still offering a ‘Free QSL’ to those who donate a minimum of €5.00. We will be delighted to add your callsign to this page. A big thank you to those groups and individuals who have already contributed.

To make your QSO happen, we will now be QRV for one extra day – expect 1st signals from 18:00 UTC 27th April to 1st May 2016.

You can follow our progress on Twitter especially while we are en-route to the island where tips, news, plans and photos will continue. See for further updates.

See you soon from Hawar Island AS-202 NEW.

Vy 73 de A91HI Team