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GH4FOC 10th-12th May (IOTA EU-013)

GH4FOC QSL front

Roger G3SXW and Nigel G3TXF will be operating the FOC Club Callsign GH4FOC from Jersey (GJ) for three days from Friday 10 May to Sunday 12 May 2013.

This GH4FOC operation is part of the month-long 75th anniversary celebration activity being organised by the FOC First Class CW Operators’ Club.

During the weekend there may also be some operation as GJ3SXW and GJ3TXF. QSL routes for these two calls are G3SXW and G3TXF respectively.

All logs will be up-loaded to both Club Log and LoTW. (Thanks Nigel G3TXF)



Listen out for Leo YC9MLL on the bands.
Leo has been resident on Flores Island, Indonesia (IOTA OC-151) since 2004 and although active, until recently the fact that he resides on this Island and its relevance to IOTA has not been common knowledge to the Ham community. I am now in possession of logs from 2004 and Qsl Cards have now been printed.
Leo also holds the Callsigns of DU1OXL, DW1OXL & DY1OXL from his time in The Philippines.
DW1OXL contacts between 9th April 2001 and 22nd March 2002 were from Cebu Island
(OC-129) but all contacts other than those specific dates mentioned were from Luzon Island (OC-042).
Qsl via M0OXO OQRS

FOC 75th Anniversary Award

2013-05-05 080714

To commemorate our 75th anniversary in May FOC is holding a month-long on-air event featuring more than 50 special FOC-suffix calls.  These will include GB75FOC, a special anniversary call for our club station.  (GC4FOC will be used when operating from Wales, GH4FOC from Jersey,  GN4FOC from Northern Ireland, GP4FOC from Guernsey, GS4FOC from Scotland, and GT4FOC from Isle of Man).A list of who is on the key of each special UK call each day can be found here. There will be many other FOC calls on the air all month from outside the UK, including some exotic locations such as 4X, 5B, 5T, 7Q, A6, HZ, KH6, V3 and VQ9.

Stations will gain points for contacting any FOC member and a beautiful certificate will be presented to stations who reach certain point levels.  

15 points = Bronze, 30 points = Silver, 50 points = Gold.

QSO with an FOC member = 1 point

QSO with an FOC member lasting 10 minutes or longer = 3 points

QSO with an FOC suffix station (or M0RSE) = 5 points

QSO with GB75FOC, GC4FOC, GH4FOC, GN4FOC, GP4FOC, GS4FOC or GT4FOC = 10 points

One QSO is allowed per station per band. All bands are allowed but QSOs must be CW, of course.

Listen for FOC members calling “CQ FOC 75.”  A list of current members can be found on this web site in the “About FOC” section.

Electronic logs for the FOC 75th Anniversary Award should be submitted to: (Members need only send claimed point totals).

QSLs for GB75FOC, GC4FOC, GH4FOC, GN4FOC, GP4FOC, GS4FOC, GT4FOC and M0RSE should be sent to G3SWH:  Check pages for QSL information about other “FOC” calls.

Tnx info FOC website


FOC event in May

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Worldwide — First Class CW Operators Club Special Event stations on air throughout May featuring an FOC suffix call including G75FOC from the UK.

A QSO party will also be held throughout the month. Stations will gain points for contacting any FOC members and a certificate will be awarded to stations that reach certain point levels.

Stations are urged to listen for FOC members calling “CQ FOC 75.” Electronic logs should be submitted to <>.

QSLs for working G75FOC should be submitted to G3SWH, <>.