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Doomsday – The End Of The World, Special Event

N0D QSL Card

That’s right! The end is finally near!

According to one of the three Mayan Calendars, the end of the world will occur on Dec 21, 2012. To celebrate this literally once in a lifetime event, Special Event Station N0D (Now Zero Days) will be activated for three days. December 20; is a celebration of the end of the world. December 21; the day of destruction, they will be on the air as long as possible. December 22nd, that is a little iffy right now!

More information is available on the Official N0D website, . You can also e-mail the N0D team at with questions or suggestions about Doomsday.

Saturn’s North Pole Vortex

North Pole Vortex

What’s happening at the north pole of Saturn?

A vortex of strange and complex swirling clouds. The center of this vortex was imaged in unprecedented detail last week by the robotic Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn. These clouds lie at the center of the unusual hexagonal cloud system that surrounds the north pole of Saturn.

Saturn’s north pole precessed into sunlight just a few years ago, with Cassini taking only infrared images of the shadowed region previously. The above image is raw and unprocessed and is being prepared for release in 2013.

You can view a ”movie” of this event by clicking the image above.

PTØS summary & video

2012-12-02 132620

The recent PTØS dxpedition to St Peter & St Paul Rocks by members of the Araucaria DX Group managed to log 44,000 q’s. in 12.5 days of operating.

Broken down into Continents, EU had the most amount of Qso’s logged with 20,386, swiftly followed by NA with 16,207. Asia had 3200 qso’s logged and SA had 3034. The African continent had 729 logged and Oceana 397 qso’s giving a total of 43953 qso’s.

You can read a PDF report about there trip by clicking the link below and also view a YouTube clip by clicking the photograph top left in this Blog entry.

Read PTØS summary PDF here



Qsl requests help Air Ambulance

K800 BBC pictures 062

I would like to give a big thanks to all who requested Qsl Cards over the last 6 months from

All of the used Postage Stamps on your incoming letters are saved. After several processes and some hard work by other colleagues, the money raised from the ‘sale’ of these stamps are given to a local Charity.

The Charity here is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA). As a rapid response air emergency service the Charity serves a population of approximately 5 million people across 4 million acres. Our two air ambulances operate from Leeds Bradford International Airport and RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk, and together both air ambulances cover the whole of the Yorkshire region. This service costs £7200 per day to keep these aircraft running and saving lives.

A £50.00 (GBP) cheque was handed to the YAA this week so thanks for all your help. Its not a huge amount in the big scheme of things but every penny raised is a huge help towards running this invaluable service – Thanks for YOUR help!

Read more about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance by clicking this link. (Photo copyright & with kind permission of YAA).