Archive - September 2010

2.6K Qsl Cards to RSGB Bureau


Latest Qsl Cards to go to the bureau this week are as follows:-

GB1TAN – 320, MØSCC – 70,
MØOXO – 290,
GBØANT – 470,
GBØWFF – 175, GB1HI – 410,
MØBZH – 45, GB4IPY – 560,
2EØKYI – 130, MW0JZE – 120.

Pending are approx 250 GBØANT & 200 GB4IPY
which will be processed in the coming days and also
270 Direct & Bureau cards for GR2HQ when they
arrive from the printer any day now.

G4OBK Logs now on EW4DX LogSearch


A big thanks to Phil G4OBK for his recent contact re-WFF.

Many of you will be starting to see new areas appearing in your results on the EW4DX LogSearch. Phil has kindly supplied the logs from his SOTA and his WOTA activities to us for the WFF programme.

So far we have sent several logs to the LogSearch from areas such as GFF-020 (Yorkshire Dales National Park), GFF-008 (Lake District National Park) & GFF-012 (North Yorkshire Moors National Park [new activation!]).

Please note that there are no Qsl Cards available for these trips, just the verifications on the WFF LogSearch. On your behalf, I extend our gratitude to Phil for his support of the WFF programme!

(Photo above shows Phil G4OBK on Helm Crag in the Lake District National Park GFF-008).

ONFF Awards now issued


ONFF announced a few weeks ago that their WFF Awards were now completed and were ready for issue.

I am pleased to say that my first ONFF Award arrived yesterday courtesy of the ONFF Co-ordinator Gino ON3SSB. There are several Awards available (website click here) and he tells us:-

Rules to apply for the “ONFF Award” are simple :

– The award is free, and free only, and will be send to you by mail (electronic format), JPEG file.

– There are 3 different classes :

Class 3/Bronze : 10 QSO’s have to be made with 10 different ONFF references.

Class 2/Silver : 25 QSO’s have to be made with 25 different ONFF references.

Class 1/Gold : 50 QSO’s have to be made with 50 different ONFF references.

All bands, all modes are welcome and all contacts must be verified by the EW4DX Log search.

GL to Gino and the ONFF team, we wish them every success!

Another ‘win’ for Strictly!


‘M2X’ hit the mark again this week with a nice new Contest Certificate.

This time was for the CQWW RTTY DX Contest in 2009 when John (G4RCG) managed Country Winner in the High Power Single Operator Class (20M).

Well done John!