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Created on Saturday, 06 April 2019

M0OXO DO YOU NEEDIf you are thinking of a Qsl Manager then please contact me and discuss your options for a fast, efficient, well presented and most important, a 'Bespoke' service.

All my Qsl help is exactly what it means, a non-profit QSL Service for its clients.

I offer will help to cut down as what it is seen as the chore of the hobby. This should aid DXpedition Teams, Holiday Stations or IOTA Stations and Rare DXCC.

What can I provide?
1) I can look after all your QSL requirements from Holiday station, IOTA to major expedition status.
2) I handle RSGB Bureau, Direct QSLing, LoTW, OQRS and Direct Via Paypal.
3) I work directly with UX5UO QSL Printing to ensure a quality Qsl Card and at a very competitive cost.
4) For some DX'peditions I may be able to offer free QSL cards if you use my QSL services. You may qualify for sponsorship, you are welcome to email me.

Email ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:+44 (0) 7900 500775

Or write to:

Charles Wilmott M0OXO
60 Church Hill,
Royston, Barnsley,

**For efficiency I will work with either the Team Leader or one person nominated by the Team Leader for the Management required. In practice working with multiple persons leads to errors and ambiguities.




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