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Created on Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yesterday i received a Direct request via Post Mail for a Qsl Card of PX2C who I manage. They are not Bureau members and therefore all Cards have to go Direct as it clearly says on Qrz.Com. The request from this station contained no contribution towards Postage and as I could not send by bureau this intial response was sent to him. Read these messages that we exchanged and make your own mind up. The first response is the same as everyone gets if they do not conform to what is required when requesting a Direct Qsl Card for any station:-

From M0OXO to F5TXI

Dear OM,

I have received your request this morning for a Qsl card in respect

of a contact with PX2C .

Unfortunately Team PX2C are not members of the Bureau so all

requests for PW2D/PY2MTV / PX2C have to go Direct only as

it clearly says on Qrz.Com.

If you wish to receive the card direct, then that is OK if you make a

donation of €2 / $2 or equivalent via Paypal. You can find more

information on my website at :-

Take care, many thanks & kindest regards,

Charles MØOXO (Qsl Manager)      

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hello, thanks for your mail. i send every qso card to all contact i worked at home same as portable or iota activation. It's the first time who a OM said i have to pay to receive a return qsl confirmation card.
So you can keep your's. I think that some other's OM will be active in the futur  the same place.
Sorry for derangement.
best 73's


Hi Laurent, thanks for the reply.

I am not sure how long you have been requesting cards from Managers but I find it very unusual if you are receiving them all back without any mentioning the lack of payment by you. I would be interested in knowing who they are for sure as they are indeed offering a great service.

It is and has been the proceedure for Qsl Managers to ask for a contribution for their Qsl service for many years and it would be rare indeed if none did. Please note I mention 'service' and not just a 'qsl card'. In most cases you are contributing towards the cards, labels, envelopes and time of the Manager. If the Manager did not exist it would be very likely that you wouldn't receive a card at all from thousands of people as they simply do not like doing the job.

I am sorry if you feel you are victimised here but I can assure you that is not the case. Have a look on and check out other stations such as 9M6DXX, CE2WZ, 3C0C, K5D, VP8DMH, VP8LP, ZD8Z, ZS8M, ZS9AH, EB7DX, EA7FTR (the list is endless) and see what proceedure they adopt.

I will forward your card and comments to the guys in Brazil and they may indeed reply to you but it will be extremely unlikely you will get a card from them without offering the standard contrubution of either $2US or 1 IRC.

Thanks for your input Laurent, I will add the message to my feedback page so that other Amateurs can both good (and in this case) bad comments in relation to the service I offer.

Kindest regards,



Just a precision, i send and i will send $ stamps and all things when i really want qsl card ( dxcc-iota some specials event) for PX2C ; i don' t
really need it. Many time with english managers;  i join stamps for the return qsl but-and at this moment i havent anymore english stamps. When i'll need some confirmation i will send/ask like regard to you and your all.
tnx also for your work and "devouement" at our hobbie.

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