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Created on Saturday, 13 November 2010

paris_launchThe Paper Aircraft Released Into Space team (PARIS) has spent the last three days sipping champagne and analysing data and images following last week's triumphant space plane mission.

Here's an quick snap of the launch (.kmz location here), and the same seen from the main payload Kodak Zx1 video camera.

Amateur space enthusiasts, John Oates and Lester Haines among them Radio Amateur Steve Daniels G6UIM who designed the radio tracking system to recover the paper aircraft) made the plane out of paper straws covered with paper.

They attached the aircraft - which has a 3ft wingspan - and a camera to a helium balloon and released it into the air on October 28.
It soared an astonishing 23 miles above the ground, taking lots of images before gliding back to earth.

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After months of planning, they put operation Paris - Paper Aircraft Released Into Space - into action, travelling to Spain to send the plane on its journey.The balloon climbed to 90,000 ft where the helium expanded to a point that caused the balloon to burst and the plane was released, gliding down to earth 100 miles from where it set off.


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