CME inbound today

cmeThe Northern Lights are going south this weekend. A geomagnetic storm, caused by a cloud of charged particles ejected from the sun, may bring the aurora borealis as far south as Iowa, Colorado and Washington on Saturday, as these particles bombard Earth, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

“If the storm is oriented properly, we could have a chance for auroras for several days after impact,” said Tamitha Skov, a space weather scientist based in Los Angeles.

Auroras form when charged particles from the sun collide with Earth’s atmosphere. When there is an influx of charged particles during geomagnetic storms, this can supercharge the aurora’s glow, according to Terry Onsager, a physicist at the Space Weather Prediction Center.

“It’s like a big battery driving electricity through the Earth’s system,” he said. “And when that flows through the atmosphere, the atmosphere glows like a neon light.”

The particles are the result of a coronal mass ejection, an outpouring of plasma from the sun’s atmosphere that was detected by NOAA on Wednesday.

“This is exciting news, considering we haven’t had a decently sized Earth-directed solar storm launch for quite some time,” Skov said, adding that geomagnetic storms are less common during the current period of the sun’s 11-year activity cycle.

Onsager said the storm could arrive Saturday morning, which means it may not be visible. But he and Skov both said that prediction could change.

A35JT OC-049 Tonga

a35jt''After several months of communications we have finally been issued with our licence to operate on Tonga!

We had a small surprise however when we looked at the issued callsign. It has now changed and our final assigned callsign is A35JT. Never mind!

We have also confirmed that we are not able to operate on 60m this trip. We have, however,  been granted access to 6m to conduct our EME experiments!

So after a quick rebrand of the website, QRZ and Facebook pages our identity is corrected and away we go!

The A35JT expedition team is grateful for the tremendous support it has received from the German DX Foundation & from the CDXC UK Foundation. We will be trying our hardest to make contact with your members from Tonga in September.

With the addition of Steve VK5SFA to the team (who is something of a 160m specialist) and support received from the DX associations, we will be placing some increased focus on our planned 160m operations too! ''


3Y0I Bouvetoya 2019

3y01 2Welcome Roaring Forties!

Fresh news from the Atlantic Tuna’s deck. Dom 3Z9DX, the 3YØI leader, in a brief satellite conversation with Stan SP8S shared some new details.

– We just entered the “Roaring Forties”. The vessel hits 8-10 meters tall waves and the seas are wild and bumpy. It’s gonna be a rough ride towards Bouvet – Dom 3Z9DX said. – The team is in good moods and no sea sickness so far – he added.


Read more: 3Y0I Bouvetoya 2019

V31MA - QSO milestone!

V31MA 7Congratulations to Marc at V31MA on passing his 100,000 QSO's this week.

a great achievement by a first class Operator!, well done!

His new log is updated now on Clublog for Log searching and on M0OXO OQRS for QSL Card requests.


IREF Expeditioner of the Year 2018

IREF 1STThe 2018 IOTA Expeditioner of the Year, awarded by IREF, will be presented this year at the Dayton DX dinner.


You can find tickets to the dinner here.












CN2AM Morocco

cn2am3Saif Alkhayarin (A71AM) will be in Settat, Morocco next week.

He will prepare for the CQ WW WPX Contest (SSB) 0000Z, Mar 30th to 2359Z, Mar 31st as CN2AM

If you hear Saif on the Bands next week, give him a call, he sure will appreciate it!

Qsl requests will be via M0OXO OQRS or Direct Post Mail




VE3LYC/KL7 Little Diomede Island

KL7Cezar is now QRV from NA-150 working on 10106.00 QSX up 2

This is his last update....

''17 March 2019 - 11:30 pm (UTC = local + 8 hrs)

The flight from Toronto to Seattle was uneventful. I arrived on March 16 at 9 pm, and spent the night on the airport. I had to check-in by 3 am, and will all the luggage it didn't make much sense to go to one of the airport hotels, only for a few hours of sleep. On March 17, the flight from Seattle to Anchorage departed at 6 am, and from there, to Nome, where I arrived around 11:30 am. All luggage arrived too, in apparently good condition.

There are about 4,000 people in Noam, and the little city appears buried in the snow. There is at least 50 cm of snow everywhere, but there are cars here and there on the streets road completely covered in deep snow. Temperature is around -15C. I spent most of the afternoon and evening in the company of Ramon, AL7X, wo lived here for about 55 years. I want to check with the heli company for tomorrow's flight to Diomede, but when I phoned them I only got their answering machine.

A pre-recorded message indicated that I need to be at their hangar at 1 pm. I will try to get in touch with them in the morning, in order to check on any update.''


VI17AC Australia

VI17ACVI17AC Australia

Qsl Cards have now been designed and are currently Printing at UX5UO QSL Print .

Qsl requests can be made on this link;


9N1MM - First Log on-line

9N1MMA new log has been posted on M0OXO OQRS from Kalpana 9N1MM in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Kalpana is active mostly on data modes at the moment.



Bureau Mailing March 2019

Bureau March-19QSL cards have been posted to 87 World Bureaus - Saturday 2nd March 2019
This mailing is a joint mailing between M0OXO Charles, M0URX Tim & M0SDV Jamie.
I would very much appreciate feedback from you when the QSL cards start arriving at World Bureaus or received by hams around the world? This feedback will be added to our data below.
This mailing features cards from the recent expeditions,
The parcels are sent by Priority Business Mail to get to the Bureaus quickly.
Total amount of QSL cards dispatched: 15,763
Via M0OXO 8,374
Via M0URX 4,290
Via M0SDV 2,507
Via MD0CCE 206
Via G4IRN 257
Via G4ZIB 129
Total Weight 64,070g (gross weight includes packaging)
Total Cost £333.89 £5.21 per kg (Net weight excludes packaging)

Average postage cost 2.1p per QSL card.
If anyone wishes to make a donation to the costs of bureau shipments, you can do when you request a QSL and use the donation facility on OQRS.
**Please note that due to a period of illness and hospitalisation, not all cards requested via M0OXO in the last 4 months will have been processed. Any not sent will be in the next mailing later this Year**.#

Click here to see a breakdown of each Bureau..

Read more: Bureau Mailing March 2019

9G2DX Ghana

9G2DXThe 9G2DX team led by Dov Gavish 4Z4DX and Haim Lewy 9G5AF will be working 3 different locations in Ghana between the 9th to 20th March 2019.

Location 1
The beach near the capitol city of Accra will have operations on 160, 80, 60, 30. This operation will begin on March 9, 2019 and run for about 3 days.CW,SSB and FT8. The seaside beach QTH is ideal for low band operations.

Locations 2 & 3 (Outstanding Flora & Fauna Sites )

Location 2 9GFF-0007 Flora and Fauna Shai Hills Resource Reserve all bands and modes

Location 3 9GFF-0004 Flora and Fauna KAKUN all bands and modes

For the final days of the DXpedition, the team will return to the beach QTH near Accra for more activity on 160, 80, 60, and 30m.



5V7EI Counting down

doubleWith just 2 weeks to go til we go to Togo (5V7EI)....have a recap from last year's 7Q7EI adventure to Malawi.…


Preparation 5V7EI DXpedition intro video (Tnx M0YTT)

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for regular updates.






Little DiomedeCezar, VE3LYC will be active as VE3LYC/KL7 from Little Diomede Island, IOTA NA - 150, Alaska, 18 - 26 March 2019.

He will operate on 40 - 17m CW, SSB.


IREF Expeditioner of the Year Plaque

IREFWe are looking for Sponsors for this Award program and in particular to anyone that may be able to Sponsor a Plaque

The Plaque will feature your Organisation, Name or Logo along side the IREF Logo.



7P8LB - Website announced

7P8LBThe 7P8LB Team are now well established as they near their departure date in a few weeks time.

7P8LB will be active from Lesotho during the period of the 8th - 16th of March 2019. based at Molengoane Lodge, grid loc: KG30VO.

LA7THA Rune has organized and planned the trip during the last year. The reason Lesotho was chosen as a "target" is; It's high up on Low Band Most Wanted Lists and it is "new" on FT8.

There will be 8 operators and we planning to have 2-3 stations running 24/7. We will work all HF bands SSB, CW, with focus on Low bands and FT8.

There website is almost complete, just a few additions to be made but you can check it out here; A Facebook group 7P8LB will be activated close to departure for live info.

QSL is via M0OXO OQRS and an additional Logsearch can be found on Clublog too

We will publish more information in the coming weeks but we are looking forward to working you in our pile-ups.


73 de Rune Team 7P8LB (LA9VPA)


R63RRC & RQ73QQ Website announced



Dear colleagues and friends!

We announce the next expedition under the banner of Russian Robinson Club on the two islands located in Laptev Sea, Khatanga bay.

The start of the expedition is scheduled for the 3rd decade of July 2019.Team: UA6EX Eugene, UA7A Leonid, R7AA Vasily.

The team plans to stay in Khatanga Bay for 2 weeks.
Water trips to and from the Islands are about 800 km.

The team needs one operator who will pay for their plane tickets and pay some of the other costs.

To contact the team, e-mail: R7AA.

Project is quite expensive due to flights in Upper North.
Our team will be appreciated for your financial support and donations.

See you on the bands !''


IOTA/Clublog Matching advice

IOTA directory 2018IOTA Ltd have received a lot of emails recently regarding not getting matches for some IOTA Logs on Clublog. Can I try to explain the two main reason for this?

Just because a log on the Clublog Database happens to be from an IOTA Group, this does NOT mean it is available for IOTA Credits under the IOTA/Clublog matching scheme.

There are many reasons that a log may NOT be available, less than 30 days from the Operation, maybe the owner may have 'delayed' Qso matching for a period of time that falls beyond the 30 days, to name just two.

If you want to be sure a particular Log IS available for IOTA/Clublog matching then look in the list of 'Accepted Activation's'.

Log in to the IOTA Website , go to 'My IOTA', then to 'Add Qso's from Clublog' and then click on the second tab for 'Accepted Activation's'.

If the operation you are trying to match is NOT in this list, then at the time of checking this list, that Operation is NOT available for IOTA/Clublog Matching.

The second reason you may not get a match is that you can only claim a credit once. Please check your own list of 'Pending Credits' before you send off an email to IOTA asking ''WHY NO MATCH?''. If you think you should have it and can't get the qso to match, its very likely you already have a credit for the Group or a credit pending in your own 'Pending Credit' list. If this is the case you will NOT get another match, you already have it!. We have all done it (well I have) but please check your own list first.

I hope the explanation may help a few people.

If you have further queries please report them on the IOTA Ltd Help email address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks Charles


Eureka 2019

VY0ERC2VY0ERC will be QRV 3rd February to 29th March from Eureka, Nunavut Territory, island (IOTA NA-008).

Plans are to be on SSB, CW and digital modes, "time and weather permitting." Also plans are to be working satellites ER60 and EQ79.

Qsl via M0OXO OQRS



9X2AW 2019

''9X2AWOnce again I have packed a 40 kg case with fiberglass mast, antenna wire and equipment. On 17.01.19 it goes to Kigali, Rwanda as 9X2AW.

On 18.01.19 antenna will be built up and then mainly at night, 160 to 30m CW and FT8 with preference to 60m.

This is not a good time for Grandpa HI

From 23.01.19 to 30.01.19 I have reinforcement from Dave Farnsworth WJ2O. We will share the antennas.

From 30.01 to 14.02.19 I am often travelling with my family.
I hope I will make a lot of contacts even in such bad conditions.

QSL for 9X2AW is M0OXO OQRS OR Direct Post Mail only.

73 Harald 9X2AW (DF2WO)''



vi17acThe 2019 AFC Asian Cup is the 17th edition of the AFC Asian Cup, the quadrennial international men's football championship of Asia organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

It is being held in the United Arab Emirates from 5 January to 1 February 2019

The event is being run by Members of the SPCC (South Pacific Contest Club) and the HFCC.

QSL will be via M0OXO OQRS.









5V7EI Togo

K640 5v7ei
The EIDX Group who brought you 9N7EI and 7Q7EI earlier in 2018, are delighted to formally announce definite plans for their 2019 DXpedition to Togo.

Operating for 12 consecutive days between 14th-26th March 2019, the 5V7EI team plan to run upto 5 QRO stations across all bands from 160m through 10m on SSB, CW and Digital modes.

Keep an eye on their website which will be updated on a regular basis.

QSL will be via M0OXO OQRS.





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