21/28 Mhz Contest - Stay of execution

K800_HFCCAfter much debate this Year as to whether the 21/28MHZ Contest should be scrapped, the following message received yesterday from Steve Knowles G3UFY, Secretary of the RSGB Contest Committee:

The RSGB Contests Committee met on Sunday 7th November 2010.  A number of important decisions were made concerning both HF and VHF contests, details of which will be published in due course.  The question of the 21/28MHz Contest, however, is one which appears to be of particular interest.

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Spratly Dxpedition getting nearer.....

SpratleyWith only 60 days to go until DX0DX hits the amateur bands, the DXpedition Team Leader, Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY & DU8/VK3FY has announced it will be extended to allow participation in the CQ World Wide 160m CW Contest.

He says while DX0DX was to go QRT on the 24th January, a couple of individual and keen members have asked if they could stay on air for that contest when ends at 2200 UTC Sunday the 30th of January. This will now extend DX0DX activation to 1st of February, 2011. This limited extension was agreed in light of strong interest from Top Band contesters and the 160m band being the highest sought after in the DX0DX website online survey.

DX0DX will be on air from the 6th of January and now through to the 1st of February, 2011.

EPC Contest - Country Winner 2010

This certificate arrived today for this Years EPC DX Contest back in May of this year.

I achieved tenth place overall in my category (SO20-HP single operator, 20M only, High power) which gave me the Country Winner for 'G' (673 stations submitted logs for the Contest).

This Year the Contest changed mode and PSK-63 (faster than PSK-31) was the only mode allowed.

XX9 Macau - 'new one' on RTTY...

567px-Coat_of_arms_of_Macau.svgAfter 30 minutes in the huge pile-up today i was pleased to log XX9TLX, (Georg DK7LX) in Macau. He was a great signal and gave me a new one on 15M RTTY at 0830UTC.
Macau is a city on the southern coast of China. It is located at the south of Guangdong Province, on the tip of the peninsula formed by the Zhujiang (Pearl River) estuary on the east and the Xijiang (West River) on the west.
Macau is situated 60 km west of Hong Kong and 145 km southwest of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. It is immediately adjacent to the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone.
Lets hope for some more new slots on 10 &12m whilst propagation is favourable and in the run up to CQWW SSB this coming weekend.

UK team hits the Seychelles this week....

S79Michael G7VJR along with G3NKC, G4XUM and G4BWP are teaming up in the Seychelles as S79K
for the CQWW SSB contest this coming weekend.

They hope to upload the log to Clublog afterward, if the web access from the island is good enough.They plan to do a bit of CW before the big SSB
affair, and have some "interesting antenna arrays" planned too. Michael, `VJR, says,

"Chances are good you'll hear us, if we've got it right!"

Qsl Cards to RSGB Bureau

K800_Qsl_Mont.jpgLatest batch of Qsl Cards to the RSGB bureau yesterday were:-

GB2WHL - 220 and

G4RCG 180

New WFF Award released...

K800_ENAReleased this week is the new award from the GFF Team.

The ENA ( Explorer Of Nature Award) (click image) is available to those of you who 'activate' the WFF areas rather than 'chasing' them.

The Award is offered to anyone who activates 10 WFF Areas anywhere in the
World and is free of charge (other than a small cost for postal services).

Qsl Cards are not required just a list of areas is OK.

New WFF areas - Logs uploaded...

MinkiesMainSent to the EW4DX Logsearch this morning are logs for my 2008 trip to 'Les Minquiers' Islands, IOTA EU-099 WFF GJFF-011 (**new).

GB8LMI log contained just under 5000 unique callsigns and MJ0X (IOTA Contest) there were approximately 2000 logged.

I hope these uploads please a lot of you and give you the valuable new one from GFF!

Please also check out the new WFF ENA Award released this week!

Japan on 10M SSB......surely not?

....it sure was! I was alerted by my good friend Tim (M0URX) who suggested 10M was open to the Far East. I had planned a 'qsl card day' today but was on 10Metres within minutes.
I put a few calls out over the North Pole and nothing came back. I then worked Craig (VK4LDX/p from Fitzroy Island and logged yesterday on 20m) and both had very good reports. I persevered a little longer and after working a few UA9/RA9's I was called by John (VK4TL). He had an outstanding signal peaking at 58 with audio that

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ZD9AH - Gough Island / Tristan Da Cunha

Tristan-Da-Cunha-IslandWell, probably the last in the UK but pleased to say I bagged ZD9AH for all time new DXCC and IOTA.

DL2AH is active as ZD9AH from Gough Island (IOTA AF-029) until  the 6 December 2010. 12m has been the band to go for over the last few days with very strong signals here in the UK. Sadly due to strong winds and other things (JARTS Contest) have made it impossible for me to have a bash until today.

Ulli was working split today and I managed to get him in the log after only 3 calls. I was very suprised as Qsb was very fast and heavy and at the appropriate time he was only 3/3 here when he replied. Anyway, a new one in the bag, thanks Ulli!
............also got him on 10M SSB at 1300 local!

JARTS Contest 2010 - MØOXO report

K800_SNV34012Well I took part in the JARTS (Japanese) Contest this weekend and here is a brief account of how i found it (bracketed text for non-Radio Ham readers).

I started at around 5.00am on Saturday morning and the first 4 contacts were into HI8/HI9 (Dominican Republic). I worked 32 W's (USA) on 40M as well as a large amount in EU and AS.

I started on 15M at 8.15am and over a 2 hour period worked 57 JA (Japan) in total.
Later and still on 15 I logged 2 HL (South Korea), BY (China), 6 VK (Australia), ZL1BYZ (New Zealand), 5 YB (Indonesia), 6W (Senegal),
FK (New Caledonia), FM (Martinique) and lots of Europe and Asia. 15m proved to be a very.......

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Five Star Dx'ers Ass. announce T32 Dxpedition

fsdxa_smallAt this weekend's RSGB Convention, Neville Cheadle G3NUG announced the next FSDXA DXpedition, to take place in September/October of next year (2011).

The Five Star DXers Association (FSDXA) is pleased to announce its next DXpedition, to Kiritimati (also known as Christmas Island, T32) to take place in September/October 2011. The Five Star DXers . FSDXA, closely linked to CDXC (Chiltern DX Club), the UK DX Foundation, is the group which brought you the 1998 9M0C Spratly Islands DXpedition, the record-breaking 2001 D68C DXpedition to the Comoros and, subsequently, the 2004 3B9C Rodrigues and 2007 3B7C St.Brandon DXpeditions.

Once again, Yaesu have kindly agreed to be Global Sponsor, and will be providing sixteen FT-5000 transceivers along with a similar number of Quadra VL-1000 linears. UK amateur radio retailers Martyn Lynch & Sons and Nevada are also committed to sponsoring the operation.......(click ''read more''' for full article)..

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T31A - Kanton Island

kanton_aerial_smallAn international team will activate Kanton Island for 9 days starting mid April 2011. An additional day may be added depending on the sailing time to the island.
Transportation has been arranged, all licenses are assigned and the permit is in its final stage of processing. There will be six stations, 160 through 10 (SSB /CW/RTTY). There are a few berths available on the boat.

For those interested in joining the team, please contact W2IJ at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

ZS8M - respect his advice please...

ZS8M_front_largeWell I suppose I am one of many in the North that still require Pierre's (ZS8M) contact for an all time new Country  and rare IOTA from his base in Marion Island (IOTA AF-021).

Many South of us are hearing him OK and some (well done Rob MW0RLJ) have managed to work him several times (Grrrr!) which is great news. I can however say that I now have heard him, only once but nevertheless there is hope! The latest news letter shows how we are not the only ones finding bad operating and fraudulent qso's starting to tarnish the hobby a lot more recently and which have caused Pierre to QRT several times due to these issues.

His Qrz.Com page and newsletter also name and shame the bad operators who don't heed the warnings and either operate badly, have no 'ham spirit', or work him several times using friends callsigns as well as there own. Have a look at the site, see if there is anyone you know on there. Pierre supports the Ham Code of Conduct and maybe some of our friends in EU should do the same? It may be the sad case that Pierre decides to go permenantly QRT and that would be really sad.

MØAID - Batch of Cards to Bureau...

65 Cards for Kelvin (MØAID) were received and processed today.

They will be in the package for the RSGB Bureau on Friday 1st October 2010.

'Strictly' - 'New Country Record'...

K800_M2X_CQWWCW_2009The 'Strictly Contest Club' received another Award this week to add to their collection.

John (G4RCG) operated in the CQWW DX Contest 2009 and attained 1st Place in the High Power CW Assisted Category on the 20 Metre Band. The placing put him at 19th place in theWorld and 10th in Europe.

It was also a new country record  with points totalling 469,238.

Well done John!

More buro cards completed.....

K800_Qsl_Mont.jpgAnother 70 GR2HQ Cards were completed yesterday and will be in the RSGB Bureau by this friday.

Email requested Cards are still the most popular and I would encourage anyone to request a card (either Direct or Bureau) by the On-line Qsl Request System (OQRS). It cuts the normal bureau time down by half and will save years - literally. Not only that, the station may not even require a card from you so check first and you'll save wasting both your own card and your time by using this method.

Click the link and check out the OQRS.

15m Band continues to impress....

6k2dioWell for the second week in a row, the 15M Band continues to impress.
You may have seen the report a little lower in my Blog from earlier this week when T88 was present for two new slots. Well again yesterday I managed double figures again with 19 Japanese Stations logged. I noticed this time that the condx also seemed to be improving on other modes with equally good reports from the Far East and North America.
Today was the best yet and in just under two hours i had logged an amazing 39 JA (Japan) stations, 3 6K/DS (in the Republic of Korea with his family in foto above), 3 in VK (Australia) and several of our friends across in the Russian Federation. Its great to see the logbook healthy and things looking good for CQWW this weekend.

(text in brackets for none-radio hams that may read the blog and for any discenters out there, my logbook is available for investigating should you feel the need lol).

Qsl Cards to bureau - Update

Another 630 Qsl Cards sent to the RSGB Bureau last night.

There were approx:-

220 for GB1TAN (Highest pub in Britain [WFF GFF-020]) &

400+ for GB1HI (Holy Island [IOTA EU-124 WFF GFF-013/GFF-172]).

Fingers crossed for a speedy journey through the Bureau!

T88 - new one on 17m

palauWell another good few hours on 17M again today and a nice change from the disastrous contest a few days before.
Today saw another 30+ Japanese into the log, the majority first time contacts too. Amazing to hear calling me was T88KH from Palau. First contact I was sceptical of a pirate or not but Harry (JH3KEA) called in again later where we managed a decent qso.
Officially the Republic of Palau (Palauan: Beluu er a Belau), is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, some 500 miles (800 km) east of the Philippines and 2,000 miles (3,200 km) south of Tokyo.
Palau enjoys a tropical climate all year round with an annual mean temperature of 82°F (28 °C). Rainfall can occur throughout the year, averaging a total of 150 inches (3,800 mm). The average humidity over the course of the year is 82%, and although rain falls more frequently between July and October, there is still much sunshine. All in all, quite an eventful few hours.

GR2HQ Card hit Royal Mail....

gr2hq2010The GR2HQ Qsl Cards arrived today from the Printer.

150 Qsl Cards that were requested 'direct' were the first to be processed and they will arrive at Royal Mail on Monday (20th September) morning. 130 cards requested on-line for RSGB bureau will be in the system early next week.

Thanks for your patience!

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