GB0ANT Qrv and this year looking for PSK & CW..

GB0ANT active from Saturday 18th February 2012....

Qsl info click here (OQRS - Bureau or Direct)

'Antarctic Activity Week' is managed by the 'World-wide Antarctic Program'.

This Callsign will be active again from 18th to 26th Feb. 2012

This Year we will concentrate on PSK modes and CW



Our aim is to focus attention on the Continent of Antarctica..

See our Website for further information.

Blank ''fill in yourself'' Qsl Cards now available

UX5UO Qsl Print is now issuing Blank Qsl Cards.

Demand has been such that these cards can be bought is very small batches of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 pcs, no problem. If you are interested have a look here and scroll down the page for pricing and designs. K1024_UR_IOTA

As usual if you are interested please contact
M0OXO for more details.

K1024_BLANKS_obThese cards will be held in stock with
M0OXO and can be issued within 24 hours from order.

Using Twitter AND CW (Morse) together? Its true!!!

tworsekey_totalJust when you think you know about technology convergence, along comes the simple Arduino project.

It involves a Morse code key, somewhat an old switch, with a new use in the form of modern Twitter. An open design exercise in interface archaeology, that decodes the input from a classic Morse key to send twitter messages.

The Tworse Key is a standalone device that connects through a standard LAN cable, the Morse signals are decoded by the built-in Arduino Ethernet board, which delivers the final message though the Twitter API.

Please follow @tworsekey on Twitter to read some example tweets sent from the actual device.

PS5F SA-088 - M0OXO IOTA # 521....

SA_088_Thanks to the PS5F Team for IOTA number 521 this morning from Santana de Foro, Brazil.

Signals weak and 4/4 at best but good ears on the ops. enabled me to log it successfully!

Imbituba is one of the most attractive beach destinations in Brazil. Best known as the home of Brazil's Southern Right Whale Project and as a great place for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Imbituba has beautiful beaches ranging from a more urban atmosphere to rustic, pristine beaches. Central Praia da Vila (Village Beach), great for whale watching, bodyboarding and surfing. It faces two islands - Santana de Fora and Santana de Dentro. The latter can be reached on foot during low tides.

Sky watch......

10516009-largePLANETS TO VIEW: Venus is well up in the southwest after dusk, with Jupiter nearly south and high. Mars will be in the east by 9 p.m., and Saturn will be in the east by 1 a.m. Mercury is out of sight for now.

THE MOON becomes full Tuesday and will be extremely bright and high every night this week, making dark-sky stargazing difficult.

THIS WEEK: Despite the bright moonlight, there will be some interesting things to spot in the sky, especially tonight.

Look just below and right of the gibbous moon, and you'll spot a very bright star. This is Procyon, the brighter half of the two-star constellation Canis Minor (the Pup or Little Dog).

Procyon forms an interesting quadrangle with Sirius (below and right), Betelgeuse (right and nearly even) and Rigel (beyond Betelgeuse and Sirius). This is the tightest concentration of stars of zero magnitude or brighter anywhere in the sky in either hemisphere.

Procyon is a yellow star like the sun, only larger. Like Sirius, it is a relative neighbor at about 11 light years away (Sirius is 8 light years away).  Betelgeuse and Rigel are 300 and 600 light years off respectively.

Heavy Snow warning....

WARNINGThis is a Weather Watch issued by Metcheck at 08:47 on Friday 03rd February 2012.

Apart from the risk of some snow showers affecting parts of East Anglia and southeast England on Friday night, bringing a slight covering in places, the main risk of snow this weekend comes during Saturday and Sunday as an Atlantic weather front moves in from the west.

There is some uncertainty over how much snow may fall, but at the moment it looks like outbreaks of rain will move in across western areas of England and Wales during Saturday afternoon and evening, before spreading to central and eastern areas

Congrats. to Keith M0KYI - Another M0 in Yorkshire!


Well done to my mate Keith (2E0KYI) on his successful pass of the Advanced Licence Examination held a few days ago. He fully deserves it and I am very pleased to hear the news this afternoon.

Well done matey, look forward to working M0KYI on the Bands!

Congratulations also to Ken (2E0SSQ) who also passed the Advanced exam, his new Callsign M0SSQ, well done Ken!

New Ham Shack for the Visually Impaired - ZS8M


Great news from Pierre ZS8M - He has established a Ham Radio Shack for the visually impaired in South Africa.

This is what Pierre tells us;

Greetings All,

As I stated on my web page, I have established a ham shack for four visually impaired radio hams in Worcester. The equipment was purchased from the donations of the ZS8M qsl cards. The Icom IC-718 also has a voice module to assist them with frequency and mode selection, while the antenna is a military grade broad band HF antenna allowing them to select bands easily.

Photos ; Top Left - Pierre with Andre ZR1ATS, Ray and David, Bottom - Inspecting the Icom 718

More pictures will be posted on soon.

**Well done Pierre, you are a credit and held in high esteen by all Radio Hams around the World. This latest story just confirms that. Well done Pierre!!


TF4M in the high Arctic...

Down in the Dungeon and with no natural light, what a dream it would be to have this awesome view from my Shack window!

Click the images to have a look at the website of Thor TF4M, a site you will really enjoy with excellent information and images from the high Arctic.

His biography begins;

''I grew up in the countryside and became used to physical work at an early age. I worked in the Whaling Station in Hvalfjordur for 7 summer seasons and during winters I worked at sea as a deckhand on various fishing vessels and trawlers.

I learned Wire and Rope Splicing (Ships Rigging) and worked in this specialist trade for several years. I drove Taxis for a few years and I got my Amateur licence in 1984. I worked for a while at the TFA and TFT Coast Stations – Ship to Shore service as a radio operator and I served as a Field Service Officer with the UN from 1991 to 2003.'' the images below to go directly to Thor's website....



Pitcairn Island - DXCC #308 IOTA #519

web_pitcairn_photoWell finally got the elusive Pitcairn Island VP6T in the log but with great difficulty!
That brings me to DXCC #308 and IOTA #519.

So, in the last week thats 3 all time new ones logged, VP6T, HK0NA and VK0TH. C21HA Nauru still eludes me but will keep persevering it may be worth it i guess for the last of the all time new ones that are currently Qrv!

Thanks to Nigel G3TXF for pulling me out of the noise in the Pitcairn pile up ;-)

DP0GVN/P – Perennial Acoustic Observatory postponed.....

PALAOA-ObservatoryThese details announced late on Sunday night ;

''I am very sorry to say that due to unforesesable circumstances, DL1LLL is not available for the field trip today, so our operation from PALAOA Observatory has to be postponed. It is definitely not cancelled, and I will announce the new date as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies. We’re still working on making it happen!''

Good luck next time guys...

HK0NA making good progress.....

HK0NA doing well and being audible on most bands albeit there is a big difference with signals between the South and the North of the UK. Recent Solar Flares and general propagation not helping the smaller stations up here in the North.

Malpelo Island (Spanish: Isla de Malpelo) is an island located 235 miles (378 km) from Colombia’s Pacific coast, and approximately 225 miles (362 km) from Panama’s coast. It has a land area of 0.35 square kilometres (86 acres). It is uninhabited except for a small military post manned by the Colombian Army, which was established in 1986. Visitors need a written permit from the Colombian Ministry of Ecology. The island is part of Cauca Department.

The island consists of a sheer and barren rock with three high peaks, the highest being Cerro de la Mona with a height of 300 metres (980 ft). The island is surrounded by a number of offshore rocks. Off the northeast corner are the Tres Mosqueteros. Off the southwest corner are Salomon, Saul, La Gringa, and Escuba. Malpelo Nature Reserve, a plant and wildlife sanctuary, is defined as a circular area of radius 9.656 kilometres (6.000 miles).


Special callsigns for amateur radio stations during 2012....Qsl Cards by UX5UO...

queen-elizabeth-iibThe Radio Society of Great Britain and Ofcom have reached agreement on the optional use of special callsigns for two significant events during 2012.

For the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, all UK amateur stations will have the option of applying for a variation to their licence if they wish, to use a special prefix for a five week period. This will add or substitute the letter “Q” in the place of the Regional identifier in the callsign (MQ0OXO, GQ4RCG etc).

For the period of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, a similar facility will exist for a seven week period, using the letter “O” (MO0OXO, GO4RCG etc)

Furthermore, calls in the series GB2012aaa will be available for Special Event Stations relating to the Olympics and licences will be issued for four “flagship” stations using the prefix 2O12a where “O” is the letter O, and a is a single letter relating to the location of the station.

If you are considering Qsl Cards for thois event for personal, special event or club activities, Qsl Cards for these events are already being made to UX5UO Qsl Print. Details of special costs, batch sizes and style of cards can be found on the UX5UO Website or email me (M0OXO) to discuss.

Closest Flyby of Dione yet!!!

Cassini_fly_byFlying past Saturn's moon Dione, Cassini captured this view which includes two smaller moons, Epimetheus and Prometheus, near the planet's rings.

The image was taken in visible light with Cassini's narrow-angle camera during the spacecraft's flyby of Dione on 12th December, 2011. This encounter was the spacecraft's closest pass of the moon's surface, but, because this flyby was intended primarily for other Cassini instruments, it did not yield Cassini's best images of the moon. 

Dione (698 miles, or 1,123 kilometers across) is closest to Cassini here and is on the left of the image. Potato-shaped Prometheus (53 miles, or 86 kilometers across) appears above the rings near the center top of the image. Epimetheus (70 miles, or 113 kilometers across) is on the right.

This view looks toward the northern, sunlit side of the rings from less than one degree above the ring plane. The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 67,000 miles (108,000 kilometers) from Dione. Image scale is 2,122 feet (647 meters) per pixel on Dione.

Incoming CME.....

eme_stripActive sunspot 1401 erupted yesterday, 19th January around 16:30 UTC, producing an M3-class solar flare and a full-halo coronal mass ejection (CME). The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the cloud expanding almost directly toward Earth

Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab say strong geomagnetic storms are possible when the cloud arrives this weekend. Their animated forecast track predicts an impact on 21st Jan. at 22:30 UT (+/- 7 hrs).

The cloud is also heading for Mars, due to hit the Red Planet on Jan. 24th. NASA's Curiosity rover, en route to Mars now, is equipped to study solar storms and might be able to detect a change in the energetic particle environment when the CME passes by.

CQWW WPX result for MW0X...

K1024_IMG_0003It was a nice suprise to receive this Certificate through the door yesterday!

1st place in Wales CQWW WPX last year for Single Op. 10M SSB category.

I entered the Contest using my Contest Call MW0X (M0X when in 'G') from the Club Station of the StrumbleHead Contest & DX Group in

Congrats also to Chris G1VDP who took the 15M Band 1st place and also Anthony MW0JZE who took 1st place whilst on the Island of Jersey as MJ0JZE.

Overall a good Contest for the StrumbleHead guys!

T32C Qsl'in now in progress....

t32cflyerWell along with 10 other Qsl Managers I am pleased to say that my part in the T32C qsl'in process is well under way.

Around 950 letters have been sent out to day which equates to almost 5000 of the 203,000 qso's I have managed to confirm. The 9 other managers are also processing a similar amount.

You should find your card sitting on your doormat in the near future!

Qsl is via G3NUG

VK0TH - Bad operating blames for Qrt?

VK0TH_QSLTrevor VK0TH reports today that future activities whilst he is on Macquarie Island are in doubt after very bad operating was apparent thisd morning. Trevore reports;

Operator behaviour has become a problem. JA and EU stations constantly calling over other stations, don’t hear or jam and have turned a fun hobby into a stressful environment. I worked over 200 JA stations today (13/14 January) and when sending “NO JA” in the call it all got very ugly.

I will be QRT for the next few days
while I re-evaulate how much radio I will continue doing while on Macquarie Island and how it is done. My apologies to those that wanted VK0/M. I can’t see this behaviour changing and I’m not willing to spend my free time doing something that is no longer fun. My apologies, Trevor.

You shouldn't be the one who has to apologise Trevor!

Space Mountain Produces Terrestrial Meteorites .....

vestaWhen NASA's ''Dawn'' spacecraft entered orbit around giant asteroid Vesta in July, scientists fully expected the probe to reveal some surprising sights. But no one expected a 13-mile high mountain, two and a half times higher than Mount Everest, to be one of them.

The existence of this towering peak could solve a longstanding mystery: How did so many pieces of Vesta end up right here on our own planet?

For many years, researchers have been collecting Vesta meteorites from "fall sites" around the world. The rocks' chemical fingerprints leave little doubt that they came from the giant asteroid. Earth has been peppered by so many fragments of Vesta, that people have actually witnessed fireballs caused by the meteoroids tearing through our atmosphere. Recent examples include falls near the African village of Bilanga Yanga in October 1999 and outside Millbillillie, Australia, in October 1960.

"Those meteorites just might be pieces of the basin excavated when Vesta's giant mountain formed," says Dawn PI Chris Russell of UCLA.

Russell believes the mountain was created by a 'big bad impact' with a smaller body; material displaced in the smashup rebounded and expanded upward to form a towering peak. The same tremendous collision that created the mountain might have hurled splinters of Vesta towards Earth.

''Some of the meteorites in our museums and labs could be fragments of Vesta formed in the impact -- pieces of the same stuff the mountain itself is made of. Vesta formed at the dawn of the solar system, "Billions of years of collisions with other space rocks have given it a densely cratered surface."

The surface around the mountain, however, is tellingly smooth. Russell believes the impact wiped out the entire history of cratering in the vicinity. By counting craters that have accumulated since then, researchers can estimate the age of the landscape.

CY0 Sable Island cancelled.....

Sad news from the CY0 Sable Island team received today;

Hi Everyone-

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the Sable Island CY0 DXpedition due to
the landing area on the island being under water. A winter storm with
20+ foot swells pushed water onto the sand "runway" on Wednesday
evening. Al Wilson, the OIC on Sable, made an assessment of the landing
area yesterday. Ron and I talked with Al and there was no possibility of
a flight to the island in the next five days. After that, it would
depend on how quickly the water would drain from the landing area and if
any other storms affect the island. At that point, we decided to
postpone the DXpedition.

sat_imageNeedless to say, we are extremely disappointed that we have had to postpone the DXpedition. We have learned first-hand there is really no season of the year that is ideal for flights.

Late yesterday morning, we met with Ted of Maritime Air. Ted advised it has been the worst year he has experienced as far as scheduling flights. Maritime Air provides logistical flight services to Environment Canada on the island.

Even though we are disappointed, we are not defeated. Maritime Air allowed us to store our gear to help facilitate our next attempt. We are discussing two options with the Sable Island station.

We appreciate your interest in the DXpedition. We have received a lot of encouragement from DX'ers around the world. Continue to check the DXpedition website for updates.


Murray WA4DAN

Samoa to jump forward in time....

689836-clockTHE tiny South Pacific nation of Samoa will jump forward in time this week - all in the name of trade.

At the stroke of midnight on December 29, time in Samoa will leap forward to December 31 - New Year's Eve. For Samoa's 186,000 citizens, Friday, December 30, 2011, will simply cease to exist.

The time jump back to the future comes 119 years after some US traders persuaded local Samoan authorities to align their islands' time with nearby US-controlled American Samoa and the US to assist trade with California.

But the time zone has proved problematic in recent years, putting Samoa nearly a full day behind neighbouring Australia and New Zealand, increasingly important trading partners with the island nation. In a bid to remedy that, the Government passed a law in June that will move Samoa west of the international dateline, which separates one calendar day from the next and runs roughly north-to-south through the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Under a government decree, all those scheduled to work on the non-existent Friday will be given full pay for the missed day of labour. Initially strongly opposed by Samoa's opposition Tautua Samoa Party, the law to make the dateline switch won support after leader A'eau Peniamina told the nation's Parliament: "It's a change that benefits the people. Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sailele Malielegaoi earlier said it would strengthen trade and economic links with Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Being a day behind the region has meant that when it's dawn Sunday in Samoa, it's already dawn Monday in adjacent Tonga and nearly dawn Monday in nearby New Zealand, Australia and increasingly prominent east Asian trade partners such as China. "In doing business with New Zealand and Australia, we're losing out on two working days a week," the PM said. "While it's Friday here, it's Saturday in New Zealand and when we're at church on Sunday, they're already conducting business in Sydney and Brisbane. "Today we do a lot more business with New Zealand and Australia, China and Pacific Rim countries such as Singapore."

It's the second big economic modernising move by the governing Human Rights Protection Party in recent years, following its switch to driving on the left side of the country's roads in 2009, another move to align it with the two regional powers. Supporters said at the time the change made it easier for Samoans in Australia and New Zealand to send used cars home to their relatives. Opponents predicted major traffic problems, but they never happened.

So far, only Samoa's small Seventh Day Adventist Church has indicated a major problem for its congregation, which traditionally begins celebrations for the Sabbath on Friday night and continues through Saturday.The Seventh Day Adventist parish in Samoa's Samatau village has decided it will continue to observe the Sabbath day on Saturdays despite changes forced on the church by the westward switch of the dateline.

The original shift to the east side of the line was conducted in 1892 when Samoa celebrated July 4 twice, giving a nod to Independence Day in the US. The date line drawn by mapmakers is not mandated by any international body. By tradition, it runs roughly through the 180-degree line of longitude, but it zigzags to accommodate the choices of Pacific nations.

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