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Created on Wednesday, 23 December 2009

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Looks like the big chill is on its way out later this week as we approach the big day itself. Locally yesterday temperatures went down to a low of -10.7C (yes...minus 10.7C) and with snow still on many roads around here driving conditions were poor.

U.K. travel was severely disrupted as snow and ice led to gridlocked roads, delayed flights and reduced train services. Eurostar Group Ltd., operator of high-speed trains through the Channel Tunnel, resumed a limited service today after its vehicles stopped working in snowy weather, causing four days of cancellations.

Air passengers were warned of possible flight disruptions. EasyJet and Ryanair Holdings canceled flights from London Luton Airport as well as departures from Italy and Germany, where some airports also shut down. A-snowplough-at-work-at-L-001Gatwick and London City airports opened today after closing last night. Heathrow airport is running a “good service,” it said on its Web site.

Snow and low temperatures swept across continental Europe over the last four days and have been blamed for 80 deaths, including 42 people, mostly homeless, who died in Poland last weekend, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported. A coach overturned in Cornwall today killing 2 passengers and injuring over 40 more after the coach slid on ice.

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Frankfurt Airport opened today after closing yesterday evening. The Italian government sent 800 soldiers to help dig out Milan after heavy snows blocked highways and disrupted air and rail travel, Corriere della Sera reported today.

The U.K.’s Automobile Association Ltd. said yesterday was “easily the worst day” it has had in 10 years, with almost K800_IMG_000322,000 jobs for the vehicle-rescue service. Special teams have been deployed to the worst-affected areas to help people stuck in remote places, and members out on the roads are being made a priority, AA head of public affairs, Paul Watters. 

This morning was slightly better with a low of -3C but again, many many roads still covered in black ice and driving treacherous. Daytime temperatures are forecast to increase to above freezing for the first time in over a week but i doubt its the last we'll see of the Snow. (Photo left taken from High Hoyland Barnsley looking towards Barnsley Town.)

Whatever the weather, have a great Christmas keep warm, keep safe and here's hoping you have a peaceful 2010.

73 de Charles...

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