6 new IOTA's in the log!

Created on Sunday, 08 November 2009

Well what a frustrating (albeit productive) few weeks it has been for me chasing DX and in particular two high profile and pretty rare Islands for my IOTA collection. Where did all the good conditions go that we had enjoyed over the past few weeks? All those of you who XV_Flagsaid ''we are on the up again at last'' must be spitting feathers! Yes the DX has been there but nowhere near as much as there had been on 15, 12 & 10M over the several weeks previous.

It was great to hear 'XV4D', the guys on Phu Quoc (AS-128) in Vietnam too. I spent several very frustrating days chasing these about and despite strong signals, where did these pile-ups come from? The amount of qrm now being endured on the calling qrg's of stations working split has xv_logobecome intolerable some times of late. I think the band police must now have to plan their shift patterns in advance when notification of a new Dxpedition appears because they never seem to take a break and appear within seconds of the guys going qrv! Anyway after three days of trying i managed to work them on two slots (15m RTTY & 30m CW) which i was very happy about under the circumstances and it made it all worthwhile.

XRØY (SA-001) made their appearance from the long awaited Dxpedition to Easter Island (see previous blog entry) to give me a second new one but this time on three band slots (30m CW & 17m RTTY/SSB). They don't seem to have appeared on SSB very much at all although yesterday i did hear Victoria quite well but as we approaching our sunset she soon disappeared. Good to hear my good friend Malc MØBZH in there too, well done bud!
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Hats off to the P29 Team too (again see previous entries), I don't think i have ever heard as many PNG stations in such short a time!! On various bands and modes i worked P29VSR (Gordon G3USR) on OC-008, P29VCX OC-116, P29VLR on Green Islands OC-231 & also P21NI (Derek G3KHZ) on Woodlarks Islands OC-205, all three new IOTA references for me so thanks guys, good trip!

It was also nice to hear Steve 9M6DXX/p on the air again from Labuan Island OC-133. Sadly it wasn't a new one for me but nevertheless a great signal and always a pleasure to hear him on air. (Qsl via MØURX).

TX3A, the Dxpedition to Chesterfield Islands (OC-176) has so far eluded me. This has been far more difficult for me and to be honest i have never even heard them yet. This one i think will have to wait for another day. If nowt else, it looks amazin (Image - Below)! Have a good week whatever the weather, good dx'in,


73 & regards, Charles

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