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As you know by now my favoured daily direction for the antenna is the Far East and Pacific so when I heard of some UK participation in a forth coming operation to various Islands around Papua New Guinea, then I needed to know more. The main party will start their trip to P29 on the 22nd October and the group includes as mentioned above Gordon G3USR, Derek G3KHZ, David M0VTG, Hans SM6CVX & Louis CT1AGF, several of them being CDXC Members. The intended Islands for activation are Tanga (OC-102), Green (OC-231) and Woodlark (OC-205) Islands and the DXpedition call signs: P29VCX, P29VLR and P29NI. Most of the operators are seasoned Amateurs with previous experience on trips such as St. Brandon, Montserrat, Ascension, Trobriand, Witu, Tauu, Nukumanu Islands and also The Shiant Isles. WoodlarkbeachIt’s also great to hear that a less experienced amateur is also on the trip in an opportunity to gain valuable experience for future endeavours as well as helping out on air when and where needed.

Woodlark Island, known to its inhabitants simply as Woodlark or Muyuw, is an island in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. It is called Murua by the inhabitants of some other islands in the province. Muyuw language, one of the Kilivila-Louisiades languages and therefore part of the Austronesian language family, is spoken on the island. The wider Woodlark Islands group also consists of Madau and Nusam to the west, Nubara to the east, and the Marshall Bennett group to the southwest.

The Green Islands are a small group of islands in Papua New Guinea. They are located about 200 km (124 mi) east of Rabal on New Britain and about 200 km (124 mi) northwest of Bougainville. Politically, the Green islands are part of Bougainville Province (also known as North Solomon’s Province).Nissan is the largest island of the group. Other islands include: Pinipel, Sau, Barahun and Sirot.

The Tanga Islands Green_islandsare an island group in Papua New Guinea, located northeast of New Ireland and part of the Bismarck Archipelago. The islands are the remnants of a stratovolcano which collapsed to form a caldera. Lif (283 m), Tefa (155 m), and Malendok (472 m) islands are on the caldera rim, while Bitlik and Bitbok islands are lava domes constructed near the center of the caldera.

The overall aim of this trip is to give as many stations as possible a 'new one' by a contact with P29. However, depending how propagation favours them, geographic priorities will be the UK, Western Europe and Central & East Coast North America. West Coast USA and Japan will be asked to stand-by as and when time, propagation and other circumstances dictate. The overall QSO target is 15,000 QSOs............

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PNG is ranked 91st most wanted in CDXC Clublog! ... which puts it up with Willis and Palestine!! The three Islands however are claimed by less that 10% of IOTA chasers. Whatever the case, big pile ups are anticipated fPacific_beachor sure so let’s hope propagation favours the UK (particularly the North for a change!). Operating times are expected to be around 18 hours per day (1600 – 0800 PNG time) on 160 through 15 metres with the possibility of additional activity on 12 and 10 metres, again dependent on conditions. Should anything untoward occur (bearing in mind the Earthquakes and Tsunami of recent weeks), then the operation will take place from Papua New Guinea mainland only, (IOTA OC-034).

The plans are to have four stations qrv, mainly CW and SSB although I understand that maybe RTTY will also be used. TX’s include an Elecraft K3, Yaesu FT-450 (CDXC loaned Rig), ICOM IC-706 Mk ll and a Kenwood TS-2000. They plan to have 3 amplifiers, one each for CW and SSB and another with mode allocation to be decided on site. Antennas will comprise of single band vertical dipoles for 15, 17, 20 and 30 metres, a loaded ground plane for 40M, an inverted L for 160 and 80 metres and a Butternut HF6V with 17m and 12m extensions.

Finally – the cost. Overall Budget is around $40,000 USD with team members contributing all of their personal costs. That includes their airfares, accommodation and the boat charter. They will also contribute towards the overall fuel and logistics. The DXpedition has a website with a Paypal donation facility through which donations would be gratefully received.

Good luck to all the team, I hope to hear and work you if possible from all locations. Thanks also to the group for the use of the photos on this page and for putting these intended Islands on the Air. Anyone wishing further information, or to make a donation towards the cost of the trip, please see their website at http://www.425dxn.org/dxped/p29_2009/

73 de Charles....

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