9N7MD Dxpedition growing close...

Created on Sunday, 13 November 2011

9N7MDThis received from and on behalf of the team;

Less than 24 hours before the take off. The team is in a very good mood and the "reconnaissance patrol" (XE1L) sent good news from Nepal. The weather is warm and clear and the early tests show good signals incoming to our location. Sunspot figures are even better and we are really confident to have the bands in excellent shape for DXing! Check the propagation charts (http://www.mdxc.org/nepal2011/propagation) by IK8LOV to find your window.

A great job has been made by our members in Kathmandu with the officers of the Communications Ministry to clear all the necessary steps to get the licence: for the first time in Nepal's history we will have a multi-operator licence to operate on ALL the HF ham bands. But greater news arrived in the very last hours: for the first time in history we will have the official permission to use the 6 meters band from Nepal, without restrictions! This will fulfill all the DXCC requirements for a top wanted country in the magic band!

As we already have team mates in Nepal right now, the main group will land in Kathmandu on Sunday evening. The last member to join will be Adhi YB3MM, arriving the 14th November. Since it's impossible to
announce a start time, we hope to be on the air as quick as we can. Once our stations will be QRV, they will be populated immediately by enthusiast operators to spread out the pile-up and ready to give a
chance to work Nepal in your missing slot. Don't forget the Nine-November Trophy, indeed!

We will try to put the log online everyday. Please take in account that the internet connection cannot be always efficient and we will do our very best to provide an updated log. Please follow the DX Code of Conduct and follow its simple rules to have fun working us. If you do have any questions, please contact our pilots and stay tuned on the website for more exciting news from the top of the World.

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