CQWW SSB looms, V55A make their debut....

Created on Monday, 24 October 2011

v55a_logo_k2CQWW SSB is upon us this weekend and with the increased band activity now the higher bands are open, it promises to be an amazing weekend with lots of new DX.

One of the new Teams out this year are V55A in Namibia. It is their first outing this weekend and we all hope that all goes well for them. They will also have a logbook on-line courtesy of our favourite Clublog.

Also active with be Thomas and Fabio as PW2D and also Andre PY2MTV may make an appreance from home. Listen out for the guys and if you hear them please give them your support. GL guys!

(click the logo to the left for the V55A Log Search)

(Qsl for all above via M0OXO)
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