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Created on Thursday, 14 December 2017

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Last January, we revealed our new project: a DX expedition to St Brandon archipelago – 3B7. Initially planned on October 2017, it is finally the period of March-April 2018 which was selected. It presents a maximum of favorable conditions.

Since the announcement, we have worked on many subjects by following our usual roadmap. Although we’re already familiar with this kind of preparation, it is far from being a routine because each project is different. This new adventure does not make exception, and has its batch of characteristics. That’s all these preparatory tasks achieved during months which will condition success once on the air. Read more here....

A qualified and very motivated team was made up. Our only and single objective will be to satisfy the amateur radio community.
As for Tromelin and Juan de Nova operations, the conditions of propagation, analyzed finely, will dictate our traffic. We know quite well this zone of the world and its characteristics; thus it will be a goal to satisfy the worldwide DX’ers and more especially those of the most delicate areas to contact: West Coast of America, Japan, and Oceania in particular.

We secured the transport by the payment of 50% of the invoice; that marks the point of nonreturn of the project. We are happy to count right now important actors of the amateur radio community among our sponsors. Soon, we will start contacting the clubs and associations to seek financial support, but as of now, you can support us with in an individual donation. As in the past, we endeavour to maintain the costs to their strict minimum without reducing the equipment engaged, nor the duration of the expedition. However, in spite of this permanent optimization, we need your support in addition to the already important part payed by the operators.

The website is now online, and will be fed in the coming weeks with articles about the preparation. A Facebook and Twitter account is also available.
We are impatient to talk with you about this new project during the upcoming hamfests.


This week two major events occurred and we are very happy to share both of them with you. First of all, we received all papers from the Mauritius authorities and our callsign has been confirmed. You will listen for us as 3B7A next April in your radios!

Then, we are very proud to announce that the Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) has joined our project as a major sponsor. By reiterating the trust relationship with our team a great step has been made to reach the overall budget.

This is not yet a closed matter and we hope to receive many supports until our departure. Talking about this, we would like to greet our friends JJ3PRT, JA4BUA, JA4DND and JK1KSB. They are a very efficient relay in Japan for our team and thanks to them a Japanese section of our website is now available.

Our next communications will focus on logistics and radio operations.
So stay tuned and follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SaintBrandonDX/ and Twitter @SaintBrandon



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