Bouvet 2018

Created on Monday, 05 June 2017

BouvetAn experienced DXpedition team of 20 operators are in the advanced planning stages of a DXpedition to Bouvet Island (3YØZ). The DXpedition is scheduled to begin mid to late January 2018. This DXpedition will be the most expensive DXpedition ever! Bouvet Island is known as “The Most Isolated Island on Earth”, and is currently ranked #2 on the ClubLog’s “most wanted” DXCC list. It is also an All-Time New One for the EME community!

Like in 2006 at 3Y0X Peter 1st Island DXpedition, EME will be deployed at the Bouvet 3Y0Z DXpedition for 50MHz and 144MHz. In 2006 we made 114 EME QSO on 2m with digital modes and CW giving a lot of hams Peter 1st an ATNO!
This time we have improved the set-
up’s: SDR radios, EME tuned antennas, a minimum of 1KW SSPA power per band with low noise preamps and additional BPFs inline to avoid HF- QRM, low loss coax cabling, automatic Az and El moon tracking system, improved WSJT modes, heavily involved experienced EME pilots (Chris PA2CHR and Lance W7GJ) and back-up of the EME community.

The 3Y0Z EME operator team consist of Craig K9CT, Just LA9DL and Michael PA5M. Therefore technical and operational knowledge to work EME from such a remote, challenging location is assured.
To speak in Bouvet glacier term, the icing on the cake will be excellent EME condx during our stay with a Perigee at 31 January 2018. Giving the opportunity to work as many as possible light equipped EME stations.

We will have an on-line log and submit our logs to LOTW within six months after our return.

Everything is in place except our financing. Our total budget for this DXpedition is $740,500 where 50% of the budget is paid for by the 20 operators. 5% of our total budget is related to EME. This is where we need your support!

Club/Foundation and individual EME donors can be seen on our website:

Will you support us making your ATNO possible?

73e Craig, Just and Michael
3Y0Z Bouvet island EME DXpedition team


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