Baiyah Island AF-111P

Created on Saturday, 27 May 2017

5L3BI logoIn collaboration with the Liberian Radio Amateur Association, a team consisting of Richmond EL2BG, Dickson EL2DT, Jeremy EI5GM, Dave EI9FBB and Col MM0NDX are delighted to announce the much anticipated IOTA DXpedition to    Baiyah Island AF-111P. This IOTA has never before been activated.

Planning and organising this expedition has taken well over a year and is still ongoing. One reconnaissance trip has already taken place to ascertain where the island actually is, and to meet with local elders & community leaders who control Baiyah Island.

The island itself is a cultural sacrifices location for people in the Tarsue Chiefdom. Baiyah island is known as the place where people in nearby villages carry out their traditional worship. As a result, no one normally goes there without proper arrangement and approval.

Our website is now up and running, and in a few weeks time, a second survey trip is upcoming once our finances allow. We need to pinpoint the best landing stage on the island and to reacquaint with local villagers and elders. This entire operation is only possible with their blessing!

Time on the island will be limited and definitely weather dependent. We are under no illusion this activity could be tricky. One only has to look at the Media Gallery on our website to see the island is not very inviting. Nonetheless, we carefully chose early November (dry season) to attempt an activation of AF-111.

We have requested the special callsign 5L3BI and are hopeful the Liberian Telecoms Authority will approve and issue this to us soon.

Tentatively, dates of activity will be around November 1-4, 2017. This may change slightly but we will update in due course regarding that.

Even at this early stage, demand to work AF-111 will be huge and we kindly ask you work us only once to give all IOTA chasers a fair chance of getting in the log.

Costs are ever growing and we do seek support and sponsorship to help offset some of our high expenses. Visit our website to support us. Thank you.

Next news release early August.


Col McGowan, MM0NDX


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