RT9K/9 - AS-054, AS-121, AS-104, AS-068 cancelled..

Created on Tuesday, 07 March 2017

emblRT9K / 9 - expedition "Legends of the Arctic" reached Dickson and forced to stop further advancement

Snowmobile expedition "Legends of the Arctic" RT9 K / 9, was held on 7 snowmobiles along the route: Tarko-Sale - Samburg - Antipayuta - Gyda - Sop-Karga and reached Dixon.

At present, the expedition members are at a weather station on Dixon Island (AS-005), where they repair two sleighs and ice reconnaissance in the field together with the employees of the hydrometeorological service.

According to the leader of the expedition Igor Znamensky UA 9 KDF , after analyzing the real ice situation and disappointing forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Service in the area of ​​the islands planned to visit the Kara Sea, the participants decided to stop the further transition to the islands and transfer of the expedition's goals for the next year. Unfortunately, the actual thickness of sea ice, its hummocking and the presence of open water along the northeastern coast of Taimyr does not allow achieving the stated goals on snowmobile technology in this polar season.

Recall that the expedition planned to reach and activate on the air a number of islands of the Kara Sea through the IOTA program (AS-054, AS-121, AS-104, AS-068). At the same time going on such a difficult and risky journey, everyone understood that the success of the expedition would depend on the specific ice and weather conditions. Participants overcame a significant section of the route, connected at the polar station Sopochnaya Karga and reached Dixon, where they were forced to stop their further advance to the north. The Arctic once again showed its severity and unpredictability.

About the expedition, see the websites - http://yanaorgo.ru/s/02_17/index.html and http://www.qrz.com/db/RT9K/9 .
Yet there is a way back home, but for now they store the cargo for the future and, possibly, will air RT9K / 9 from Dixon Island ( AS- 005).

Let us wish the airplayers not to lose heart and hope for the successful achievement of the cherished islands in the next season.

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, President of the RRC


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