Friends of IOTA - End of Year report

Created on Saturday, 07 January 2017

friends of iota

Posted on the RSGB IOTA Website here is the latest summary;

As the year ended the appeal approached the GBP 20,500 mark, still some way short of the target GBP 25,000 needed to bring the new IT project to fruition. As has been said several times, please consider joining our Happy Band of Friends of IOTA.

You can make a payment through PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but make sure to add in the comments field "Friends of IOTA" and your callsign to identify you. The end-December update can be found here, and includes the complete list of those who have reached the various levels of support.

G3KMA, 02 Jan 2017


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